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Oftentimes a busy schedule and an environmentally friendly lifestyle don't go together, but no. Start saving the world with these energy saving tips.

Energy Saving Tips for Busy Homes

Energy costs rise with each passing year, and these days the electricity bill may take more out of  your paycheck than you might like. For example, energy costs have become a major living  expense for most Australians, and it doesn’t help that the energy retailers have offers that are  impossible to decipher.

Though that problem can easily be solved with a little knowledge about electricity compare, many still have to face the reality of over-priced energy. All hope is not  lost, though. You can do a few things to cut down on your electricity bills if you have many electricity users in your home.

What can you do?

  1. Switch off all appliances when not in use 

Small items like chargers and large appliances like washing machines still use energy  when plugged in but not in use. To reduce your energy consumption, instruct home  occupants to turn off the switches of all appliances after using them. Even the standby  modes have energy-draining tendencies.

  1. Buy products with good energy ratings 

The more stars an electrical product has, the more the savings. If you want to save more  energy in a busy home, target the more energy-efficient models of products. The bigger an appliance is, the bigger its energy consumption generally is.

  1. Switch your Lighting to LED Lights 

Light fittings consume about 8 to 15 percent of the average electricity bills in Australian  homes.LED lights are some of the most energy-efficient light-bulbs. This can reduce the  energy use of your house by about 50 percent. If you have any of your old halogen-type  bulbs hidden around, don’t be afraid to switch them out for LED lights. You might need to call an electrician to fix the transformer; LED lights will run better and last longer with  the right transformer (driver).

  1. Turn on the air conditioner at the right time. 

Let the air conditioner start working early and board up the house if you expect a hot  day. The air conditioner makes the house cooler before it gets hot outside. This should  also happen on winter days with warm air. The house should be warm before the actual cold sets in. a 1-degree increase of your thermostat setting can save 10% of your energy  usage, saving you big bucks in the future.

  1. Cut shower time 

Too many washes taken in the shower can stack up against your electricity bill, especially  when you have a lot of people walking around your home. Reducing your shower time  and the number of showers taken can save so much money it would amaze you!

  1. Use the Optimum Fridge and Freezer Temperatures 

The fridge temperature is best at between 4 to 5 degrees Celsius, and for the freezer,  about -15 to -18 degrees is best. This ensures your food remains at the right temperature  while still saving the most amount of energy. The two appliances should also be kept in a  well-ventilated area away from sunlight to prevent overheating, and thus, extra energy  consumption.

  1. Stop Bad habits 

Routine bad habits like leaving the lights on when the room is empty or boiling an entire  kettle for just one coffee can stack up very quickly. If all members of the household work on  being more energy conscious, this can make a huge difference in saving you money on  your electric bill.

  1. Switch to Green Energy 

The average Australian household releases about 14 tons of greenhouse gases annually,  half of which is from electricity generation. This is one of the simplest ways to make a  difference in your electricity bill. If picking the best plan is too much of a hassle, then  using electricity compare will show you the different offers from energy retailers.

This  helps you choose the best plan for you based on your household. We recommend  switching to solar panels as a form of green energy.

Final thoughts

Regardless of who you buy energy from, you don’t always have to spend a fortune at your home.  You can follow these simple tips to reduce your energy footprint and eventually your money  expenditure. If you are wondering how to get the best deal on electricity, using an electricity  compare platform would enable you to easily pick between competing dealers and find what  plan is best for you.

Regardless of how many people live at home, your energy bill shouldn’t be  something that would keep you up at night.

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