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Sometimes hearing another person's story can give you a boost of inspiration. Check out these documentaries that are sure to inspire entrepreneurs.

7 Must-Watch Documentaries for Entrepreneurs

With the increase in popularity of streaming apps, not just movies or tv shows have garnered the audience’s attention; documentaries have made their own space too. In recent times, documentaries around entrepreneurs have been watched widely.

Several documentaries for entrepreneurs are available on Disney+, Netflix, and other streaming platforms that will definitely motivate you to thrive in your business.

We have listed 7 of those below:

Own The Room:

The room is about a group of 5 students who are aiming to win big in the Global Entrepreneur Award in China. Sounds basic, right? There’s more to it. It is the personal struggles and lives of these students that inspire you the most. Each one of the five characters has its own story.

For instance, Henry hails from Nairobi to help university students find housing, and he created an app. Similarly, Jason, from Greece, built an app for parents to help them translate what the baby cry means.

In short, the message behind this documentary is that no matter what background you may come from, hard work and dedication always pays off.

Elon Musk: The Real Life Iron Man:

The name says it all. This documentary is about the journey of Elon Musk and the revolution that he has brought about to transform three major industries. Imagine a child afraid of the dark gets over this fear by talking into himself that darkness is just the absence of photons.

As a child, he overcame his fears and created a game called “Blaster”. At the mere age of 12, he was already planning on selling it.

This documentary sheds light on both the ups and downs of Elon’s life; however, his persistence kept him going. This is the message behind his story: if you work towards something persistently, you are bound to bear the fruits of success.

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Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates

Decoding Bill Gates is a three-part documentary because one won’t be enough for this guy! Inside Bill’s Brain revolves around how his hyper focussed mind made Microsoft hit a new record high. It sheds light on the strategies, and the framework Bill Gates used to tackle the advanced problems in the world – and no, we are not talking just technology here.

The lesson that should motivate you from this documentary is that one can always find a solution to solve a problem as long as you are focused.

The Startup Kids

Startup Kids takes you through the ups and downs of various young Entrepreneurs who started early and made it big in their niche. You will hear out entrepreneurs of, Grove, KIIP, Playfish, Soundcloud, Dropbox, Vimeo and so on.

As you move on further in this documentary, you will realize that everyone had their own set of challenges. For instance, Ben Way of the Rainmakers quoted that he made 30 million when he was 17 and lost it all by the time he was 20.

The important message behind The Startup Kids is that you need to follow your heart and get out of your comfort zone. Jumping off from the edge of the cliff in your parachute will get you success.

The American Factory

The American Factory is more than just a regular documentary. It has put the challenging real-life situation of what an Entrepreneur faced into reel life. It starts with a tinge of optimism when a Chinese billionaire decides to reopen a General motor plant abandoned in Ohio. He employs over two thousand locals.

What happens after is a mix of cultural differences, professional ideologies, and globalization’s issues.

The base of the lesson from The American Factory is that one should always be adaptive and compromising without giving up on the dream.

Becoming Warren Buffet

This HBO documentary focuses on the life of the American Billionaire investor who is known for his humble and modest life. It takes us through his early entrepreneurship days and how his partnerships made him a millionaire in the 1960s.

He did not stop here and reached another milestone when he merged all his partnerships under Berkshire Hathaway.

Warren Buffet gives most of his fortune away to philanthropic causes with all of this success and wealth. However, the significant lesson his life gives us is that one should always be humble and value each and every human and their existence by helping in whichever way possible.

Steve Jobs: One Last Thing

The life of Steve Jobs has been covered precisely in Steve Jobs: One Last Thing. This documentary takes us over his professional struggles and successes and visits his personal life.

The admiration for this man is bound to go higher when you realize how the challenges of his personal life never stopped from excelling professionally. Though he did address his personal life issues, his sheer imagination and talent led him to where he was.

The moral of his story is that how one person’s imagination influences the entire world.


It can be concluded that the life of an Entrepreneur is not a bed of roses. From Steve Jobs to Elon Musk to any young Entrepreneur, everyone had their struggles and challenges. However, the common lesson behind each story is that with hard work and persistence comes greater success.

If you are an entrepreneur or willing to be one, the documentaries mentioned above are a must-watch for your dose of inspiration.

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