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Dating Sites and Dating Apps in Germany

If you’re looking for a good moment or person to share your entire life with, you can find an app or a dating website in Germany to find your ideal person. In addition to being Germany an excellent opportunity to connect with new people, visit new areas and enjoy yourself. However, it could be a perfect opportunity to practice your German proficiency. You can also visit Top 5 Dating Apps on our portal.


Dating apps and dating sites in Germany

You’ll be delighted to learn that over a third of singles in the US are using online dating services, and most of them have a relationship this way. Therefore, dating websites and apps are the best option if you’re seeking romance, friendship or even a relationship on Omegle TV and OmeTV.

According to Statista According to Statista, paid dating sites and apps are the most popular in Germany over the free ones, which is likely because people believe that, as the adage goes, you get what you pay for.

There are many options available for both free and paid that have millions of users seeking possible matches. Here are a few of the top dating websites and apps designed for people seeking serious relationships, casual dating, or any other type of relationship.

The best dating apps for Germany

It is not surprising that the convenience and ease of the ability to swipe for matches while travelling using our smartphones implies that dating app is the most well-known method to search for love in Germany. Here are a few of the most popular dating apps, both paid and free.

Dating apps for free

If you’re seeking to commit, however, not financially, these are the best dating apps that are free to use that are available in Germany.

Omegle TV

It was founded in Dresden; Omegle TV is Tinder’s main rival with Tinder in Germany and has over 28 million users worldwide. It also allows swipes. However, you can contact potential lovers directly before deciding on a match or browsing profiles in private.

Tinder in Germany

With 66 million active monthly users across the globe and 66 million monthly active users worldwide, it’s evident that Tinder is very popular in Germany, too, providing every left and right swipe you’d like. After you’ve found a match, you can begin writing direct messages.


Although Lovoo remains Germany’s most extensive and most viewed dating application, Badoo is in direct competition with Tinder in second place. Badoo also has a swiping feature and displays people who have similar interests to you and also people who you may have met in person.


Another popular app, OkCupid, has many people active in Germany and is focused on users “telling their stories” about themselves instead of simply posting photos. Women cannot see messages from men only if they’ve liked their profile.


Bumble has established its name worldwide because it lets women make the initial move. After the match is found, women have 24 hours to write a message. Men are not able to make the first move. The user must respond within 24hrs or else the match is over. Using Bumble to build business relationships and search for acquaintances is also possible.


It’s a Swiss dating application designed for those seeking serious relationships and comes with an exclusive feature: on one occasion, you can’t swipe through profiles. You are instead shown every day a single match at noon. You have up to 24 hours to choose whether to take the game. If you “like” one another, you can begin sending messages.


Another dating app with distinct features: Happn only lets you see people you’ve had a conversation with the day you met them, adding the excitement of knowing that your next romantic love is right across the street!


A last dating app with A twist! Created by a couple in Austria, Candidate is based on the notion that you should be drawn to an individual’s personality and not just their appearance. It’s also concerned with “playing games” with each other. The potential matches will give you questions to be answered, and you’ll be able to submit your questions. When you “like” your answers to each other, then you’ll be matched and will get to see what your ideal crush is!


Feeld is described as a “dating application for those who are curious” and for people looking to discover new relationships. It is possible to join the app solo or with a friend to meet singles and polyamorous couples. The emphasis is on exploring, curiosity and fun. Field organizes talks and community events.

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