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Cooking in Colour: Exploring Bold Hues and Palettes for Your Kitchen Design

The kitchen as we all know is more than just a place to cook and eat. This place is the heart of your home and its style is the one that expresses your personality and style. This can be done by adding colors to your kitchen. Colors are one of the best ways of expressing your tastes and likeliness.

Ranging from bright and cheerful to royal luxury hues, colors are the way of life. So, giving your kitchen the perfect color scheme is all that is needed. The high-rise apartments in Mumbai or the expensive apartments in Mumbai all have great color schemes and that is what makes them extensively likely. You can even check out the houses for sale in Juhu Mumbai, which are popular for their extensive color-coordinated schemes.

In this blog, we are going to explore some inspiring color schemes for your kitchen design, and how they transform your cooking space.

Colour Schemes for Your Kitchen Design

There are endless possibilities when choosing a color scheme for your kitchen. Different color schemes work differently with different kitchen designs so it is important that you understand your choice. Some of the most widely used color schemes are as follows:

  • Monochrome: This theme uses different shades of the same color to provide a minimalistic kitchen design. The monochrome perspective can make a kitchen look bigger than it is. This scheme is additionally enhanced by using metallic colors such as silver, gold, or sparkle.
  • Contrast: This theme uses two colors that are opposite to each other and provide a complementarity to each other such as blue and orange or purple and yellow. It provides a vibrant and energetic kitchen look.
  • Analogous: This theme uses 3 colors that are analogous to each other on the color wheel, such as red, orange, and yellow. It provides a sense of harmony and looks appealing to the eye. This is classified as a soothing kitchen design.
  • Triadic: This is a more livelier kitchen theme. It uses three colors that are evenly spaced on the color wheel. The example includes red, yellow, and blue. It can make a plain kitchen look more colorful and adding tones and shades in this theme can uplift the mood in such a kitchen.

Tips on How to Choose and Combine Colors for Your Kitchen Design

Even when you know about the color palettes and their schemes, combining the colors and choosing a particular scheme for your kitchen can be extensive work. Not all people are masters of colors so here are some tips to help you choose and combine colors for your kitchen.

  • Start with Your favorite color: The perfect way to start choosing colors would be to start with your personal favorite. Since the kitchen is being made according to your choice, having your lovable colors would best suit it. Choose a color that suits your personality and reflects your style.
  • Consider the layout of your kitchen: The color that you are going to choose should also match the design of your kitchen and complement it. Calm and warm colors such as cream, yellow, or pastel colors can go perfectly with traditional-styled kitchens. Bold colors such as white, black, or red along with royal hues such as golden can give a luxury look to the kitchen. Reflective and bright colors are best suited to dark and gloomy kitchens with fewer natural lights and dark and narrow kitchens can have bright colors.
  • A mix of different colors: A mix match of colors can make a significant difference to your kitchen space. You can use one main color and two different substitute colors that can be applied. Additionally, you should also select an accent color for small parts of your kitchen such as on the knobs, handles, and accessories. This will create a well-balanced and perfect color scheme without making it a hassle.
  • Experiment with different color combinations: The perfect way to find out what colors work with what is experimentation. You can use samples and small color pallets to check whether the color that you have chosen is perfect or not. Check your colors under different light samples as different combinations look different in different angles. So check out the perfect combo that would best work out with the type of kitchen that you have.


Using hues and pallets to decorate your kitchen is the best way to make it look astounding to the eyes. Go through the tips and select the best combination that suits your tastes. Consider the type of kitchen layout that you have and further derive the pallet and scheme for your kitchen.

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