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7 Church Media Tips For Everyone On Your Team

It is not common for churches to utilize social media platforms or use them only sparingly for event announcements. Using social media channels is a great way to grow the church’s audience and put together a volunteer team. 

Churches can use social media to engage members, foster fellowship, and spiritual impact. Most churches have not explored employing social platforms to communicate with members. A few churches that put it into practice have done it so ineffectively.

7 Church Media Tips For Everyone On Your Team 

Luckily, establishing an online presence is not extremely difficult and you do not have to be a technological trailblazer to put the following tactics into practice. 

Set Your Goals 

The first step should not be to devise a strategy but to create achievable, realistic goals. That’s where most teams go wrong, what are church media resources, they try to strategize first which quickly derails their effectiveness. 

Create specific goals and keep track of the progress, for instance, do not aim for a greater online presence at first, instead, ensure to add at least half of the congregation to the Facebook group.

Come Up with a Strategy 

Now that you have set goals, it would be easier to devise a strategy accordingly. In simpler terms, it will enable you to achieve your goals efficiently and rapidly. 

These strategies include making individual plans to achieve goals, building up a team, creating schedules, and assigning tasks. Assign each social media platform to young, active team members. Ask the team members to post daily and specify the time at which the post should be updated. Moreover, set aside a budget for running advertisement campaigns to boost Facebook posts.

Post Daily 

Posting once or twice a day is a good way to engage followers and connect with new people. The more you post, the more the overall reach will be, consequently, more likes and comments in total. 

Aim to post daily and increase the posting frequency as the audience grows to boost the engagement rate.

Post Meaningful Content 

Someone who lands on the page will decide to follow or not to follow your church judging by the content. Post content worth sharing like inspirational quotes, meaningful phrases, and useful information to reflect the values of the church. 

Share Stories 

People often relate and get inspired by spiritual stories and testimonies. Churches have so many impactful stories to tell and sharing them on social networks will help reach more people who will connect to your church and not look at it as a business page.


Respond timely to build the interest of the people and get them excited about your social activity. If people comment, follow, mention, or DM you on social media sites, respond quickly to boost their interest.

Ask Questions 

Ask questions and use polls to increase the overall reach and engage people with your posts. Start a conversation with the followers by asking interesting questions. Their responses will show up on their friends’ feeds as well and they might end up liking your page.

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