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If you want to win big through the KBC show, you need to play. Here are all the details to enter, what to expect if you win, and how to avoid scammers.

KBC Lottery Number Check +19188444470 | KBC Lottery WhatsApp Number

The complete form of KBC is “Kaun Bangega Crorepati,” and the number of KBC lottery tickets is six- alphanumeric characters long. KBC allows all Indians to grab a chance of winning an incredible amount of money. 

Many of them eagerly wait and wish to have the opportunity at least once in their life. But there are several facts that you should know before thinking about winning a kbc lottery winner. What are they? Here is detailed information about the KBC lucky draw that you should know. You will also get an overall idea and how to join in the list of winners.

KBC lottery winner 2021

If you think that you have a chance to win KBC prize money, then you “kbc lottery number check.” You also can go to the official website of KBC and tab on the “check lottery online button.” Then you will get an option that is “lottery status.” Now you will need to add your first name, last name, and lottery number. 

After clicking “view status,” the KBC official website will show your details and lottery information. You can go to the jio lottery official website and get all the detailed information you need.

KBC SIM card lucky draw

Though most of the Indians only know about KBC episodes of regular Monday to Thursday. But apart from that, regular Show KBC also has three different lotteries. One is a lucky draw, then a SIM card lucky draw, and the last is a WhatsApp lottery. 

As people are going through a hard time because of the pandemic, the enormous amount of money helps put a smile on many people’s faces. The KBC lucky draw is also known as KBC SIM lucky draw. The contest is famous for helping the poor people of India.  


KBC, is an indian show that started in 2000 and has already crossed 13 seasons. Almost every season, KBC has got Amitabh Bacchan as the anchor of the Show. But in season 3, Shahrukh khan hosted the Show. 

As the Show has brought an immediate change in many people’s lives, the Show is still popular among all the Indians after many years. Sometimes, contestants got more than seven crores as prize money for giving correct answers to the Show’s question.

How can you get KBC lottery details online? 

You will get the KBC lottery number details by checking the winner number from the official KBC website. Then you also can get lottery winners by submitting your name or examining winners’ names. 

KBC authorities also let you know the winner’s details by using birth dates and home address. KBC lottery is held every month and on the last day. And the result will be published on the first and second day of next month. Any resident of India has the right to get the chance to win the lottery. And every contestant will get the opportunity to win at least twice each month.  

Final verdict 

KBC is one of the most famous Indian shows. Every year a lot of people get the fantastic chance to win huge amounts of money and change their life. And that’s why many fraudsters and scammers take the chance to hijack others’ information and confidential data. If someone asks you for money and tells you they can help you to be a KBC winner, don’t trust those people. 

KBC authority doesn’t allow any people to do that kind of illegal activity. So, if you ever want to win the KBC lottery, you have to participate in the KBC live Show, SIM card lottery, or lucky draw.

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