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Is your carpet looking dirty and dingy? Learn the facts about the different ways to professionally clean your carpet so it will look good as new!

Know your choices of Professional carpet cleaning techniques

To maintain the good looks and high appeal of carpets, you must keep them clean by following a routine of carpet maintenance which should be a part of the housekeeping chores. 

Despite doing your best to keep carpets clean with regular vacuuming, you can only achieve a part of your goal as it does not help much to increase the carpet life.  Home remedies for carpet cleaning are partially effective because of the limitations of vacuum cleaners that cannot remove dirt, dust, and bacteria entrenched inside the deeper layers of the carpet fabrics. 

Professional carpet cleaners like Novasteam Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning serving Tri-Cities use special equipment and cleaning techniques to thoroughly clean carpets inside out while retaining the structural integrity of the carpet fabric that increases the carpet life. The frequency of professional carpet cleaning depends on the extent of traffic or footfalls experienced by the carpets that varies between 12 -18 months. 

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is one of the widely used professional carpet cleaning techniques because it ensures thorough cleaning of carpets from within. 

The process consists of using special steam generating equipment that discharges superheated steam at high pressure on carpets. The force expels the accumulated dirt, bacteria, grime, mold, and soil from the deepest layer of the carpet fabric.   After completing the process, the carpet regains its new looks, which you can retain for at least a year or more by ensuring regular vacuuming.

Hot water extraction

Unlike steam cleaning that does not use any cleaning agents, the hot extraction method uses hot water and some cleaning agents to clean carpets. A mixture of the cleaning agents and hot water injected into the carpet at high pressure loosens the dirt, soil, and grime sticking to the carpet fabrics and forces it out to leave the carpet completely clean. 

The cleaning process uses two large tanks mounted on some vehicles. One tank holds the mixture of water and cleaning agent, and the other tank collects the dirty water released by the extraction process. Powerful vacuum cleaners used for extracting the dirt and grime can completely remove the debris from the carpet and help it regain its shine and good looks.

Dry powder cleaning

Both steam cleaning and hot water cleaning are deep cleaning methods that are expensive too. Moreover, it might not always be necessary unless the carpets are too dirty or soiled. A lighter carpet cleaning method like dry powder cleaning consists of using a mixture of some cleaning product, solvent, water, and detergent, all of which are safe for the chosen carpet fabric.  

On sprinkling the mixture on the carpet, it forms small lumps that look like sawdust. The lumps act like micro-sponges that turn dirt absorbent and remove the dirt adhering to the carpet fabric. Finally, removing the lumps by vacuuming completes the cleaning process.  The method is ideal for cleaning not so dirty carpets in which the dirt mainly accumulates in the upper layers of the carpet fabric.

Bonnet cleaning and Encapsulating cleaning are two other carpet cleaning methods that, despite not being as good as deep cleaning, are effective according to the needs. 

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