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Canadian freight shipping

Freight and cargo shipping are two important things for businesses in the e-commerce industry. Let’s learn the difference between the two!

Difference Between Freight And Cargo Shipping

The words “cargo” and “freight” are used interchangeably to talk about moving goods, but they both have different meanings. Businesses that are involved in the shipping industry should learn the distinction between the two.

This post will discuss the meaning of Canadian freight shipping and cargo shipping in detail.

What Is Cargo Shipping?

Cargo refers to the goods transported by planes or ships, and may also include mail deliveries. It solely relates to the items being transported and doesn’t involve the payment for transportation.

Cargo is the physical product in transit, which includes large cargo containers that are used to transport goods from one place to another. Goods can also be moved by handling nets, pallets, and more.

The services offered for transporting parcels are also termed cargo services. To put it simply, cargo shipping involves the movement of goods via ships or planes.

What Is Freight Shipping?

Freight is used for goods transported by trucks or trains, which serve as primary modes of transportation for these items. Sometimes, freight is transported by air, which is called air freight.

Freight refers to commercial goods, and it’s associated with both the products and the payment for transportation. It includes a wide range of things, such as merchandise, products, and more. Freight charges involve the payment incurred for transporting goods.

Cargo vs. Freight: What’s The Difference?

The main difference between freight and cargo lies in the financial aspect. Cargo comprises goods transported by larger vehicles, such as cargo planes or cargo ships, without any reference to the monetary aspect. It strictly refers to the products being transported from one place to another.

Freight, on the other hand, denotes the goods in transit and includes the financial aspect, known as freight charges.

In the past, these terms had more distinct usage patterns, but in modern times, these distinctions have blurred, and you can often use both terms when exporting and importing goods.

Choosing Between Freight and Cargo Shipping Services

Understanding the difference between cargo and freight shipping helps pick the right shipping option. The factors that need to be considered when choosing between cargo and freight shipping are:

  • Rates
  • Transit time
  • Size and weight

Freight and cargo are two different things. Cargo refers to the goods without the transportation charges, while freight includes both the goods and the payment for transportation. Understanding these differences helps businesses make informed choices.



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