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All about Decra Mabati

Decra mabati is a roofing material used by builders in construction. They are stone-coated, colored tiles used by builders in roofing. In the current generation, more people use these types of mabati because of their quality and durability when used in buildings.

Its accessibility and quality attract builders. In this article, we shall look at Decra Mabati, factors to consider while selecting a roofing material, and the benefits of purchasing.

What are Decra roofing materials made of;

Decra roof materials are made of aluminum-zinc steel, which has proven to last 6–9 times longer than regular galvanized steel roofing goods in tests. This is done by putting a zinc barrier around the steel center, which is then shielded by an aluminum barrier.

Factors to consider while selecting a roofing material

When selecting the right roofing product for your home, you must consider a number of variables because many options are accessible. These are some factors to consider while selecting your roofing product;

  1. The material’s durability

The type of material used may affect how long your roof lasts. Select your materials in accordance with your goals. Choose a material that can last longer if you plan to repair your roof later.

  1. Maintenance cost

To maintain your roofing system looking great, consider how much time and effort you will devote to maintenance. Some materials are easier to maintain, making them ideal for time-constrained residents.

  1. Local weather circumstances

It’s wise to consider the local climate when choosing a roofing material. For instance, if it frequently rains where you live, choose a material that can endure torrential downpours. To enable accessible water and snow drainage, you might also need to choose a sloping roof.

  1. Total price

Budgeting is essential when working on a roofing project like any other house improvement job. Roofing materials come in a wide range of costs, which rely on the brand and quality.

Benefits of Decra Mabati

Due to the digital era of the current world, many people go for something attractive, unique, simple, and long-lasting to avoid many expenses. The following are the benefits of purchasing Decra roofing tiles;

  1. Warranty

Warranty is a key factor to consider when buying a product. It is good to purchase a product that can withstand wind, rain, or fire. Decra Mabati offers a warranty of up to 50 years.

  1. Quality

Decra Mabati is tiled and colored, preventing it from rusting and leakages, making the homestead ever new and appealing every time, attracting others to go for it.

The many colors painted on it give customers a wide room to choose the best. These Mabati’s are approved as corrosion free. One collects water through the roof without any fear of water corrosion.

  1. Durability

Decra Mabati is an inexpensive roofing material that is extremely durable. They are strong and virtually unbreakable forces such as rain or wind. This makes the Decra Mabati relatively high but is easy on your pockets because they are long-lasting.

  1. Availability

Decra roofing materials are available in stores, hardware, and online markets. Some of the shops offer free delivery when you purchase the product. Therefore, Decra Mabati is easy to access and buy when needed.


Decra mabati is modern roofing material used by builders, and preferable because it passes through the tests builders look for. It makes houses look firm and attractive and endure leakages and accidents when used they use it.

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