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A Rarity Among Gems: The Quest for 1-Carat Diamonds with Unique Colors

Being unique or different from the rest makes a person, place, or anything distinguishable or an eye-catcher. There’s something special in being unique that others won’t possess. In the world of jewelry, this uniqueness is true to all diamonds as they have special and unique internal and external features that you can’t see from other precious stones. Diamonds are very special when you received them from someone as it means you value the most. This article is all about the uniqueness and rarity among gems: the quest for 1 carat diamonds with unique colors. To learn more visit

A Rarity Among Gems: The Quest for 1-Carat Diamonds with Unique Colors

Rarity is one of the unique features that diamond lovers want to purchase or even collect more stones like them. This will also make the physical value or market price of a diamond ring to be more expensive compared with other non-rare colors. You can find different colors when you shop at Rare Carat as diamonds are graded based on their color. There are 3 major classifications of color based on their diamond color guide and these are colorless (D, E, F), near colorless (G, H, I, J), and very faint yellow colors like (K, L, M). If you want to know how diamonds are graded for their color, take time to read and understand this link from Rare Carat they also want their buyers to be more educated about acquiring the best diamond rings. If you want to acquire 1 carat diamond ring for you to use or offer as a present to someone and if you want to know the 4 carat diamond price, just visit them at their site as They have live customer agents to assist and guide for you to have the rarest color and finest diamond ring in the world.

1 Carat Diamond Ring

For those who are always buying a diamond ring, having more carat weight is a big consideration knowing that the more weight a diamond has more than 4 carat weight, it is expected that the price is also higher or more expensive. If you are looking for the best place to shop online with diamond rings like having top-quality natural or lab-grown diamonds, Rare Carat has everything you need. They’ve become the number one diamond ring marketplace online in the US in just 5 years as you will be guided and endorsed by authentic diamond producers and retailers for

you to have the best diamond ring. The current 4 carat diamond price at Rare Carat is a well cut, and a round brilliant 4 carat diamond has a starting price of over or more than $40,000 in the K/SI2 range level and goes up to more than $197,000 for a D/VVS2. So if you can afford and have the money to buy, more diamond users want to have more diamonds that have bigger stones and more carat weight, as they are more recognizable than the rest. But if you are saving your financial resources and if you can’t afford to have a bigger stone, then go for 1 carat diamond ring. What is more important is how you give value to every diamond no matter the shape, color, and weight they have.

The Best of Rare Carat

What makes Rare Carat to be the number online diamond retailer is I’m how they value every customer like how they protect your order every step of the way. They will always inspect your diamond ring to assure its authenticity before it is being ship or delivered to you. They also give free one free resizing if you don’t want the size or the one that is being delivered doesn’t fit well on your diamond ring, insured shipping, and 30-day returns. They also offer a lifetime warranty on your diamond ring and this means a lot knowing that you are always covered. If you want to shop now or buy an online diamond ring like purchasing the best 1 carat diamond, visit Rare Carat’s website and have your first order of a diamond ring. Aside from its delivery process, if you have more questions and want to talk to a customer agent, they have live agents online who offer exceptional service to every customer. You can chat with them directly as they are always ready to answer your diamond questions and they will always guide for you to have a top-quality diamond ring.

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