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9 Reasons to Study English in Perth

Where is Perth? It is located in the state of Western Australia or Western Australia, on the Australian west coast and is the largest state in the country. It is the fourth largest and most populous city in Australia and the most isolated in the world, which makes it a true paradise.

If you are thinking of studying English in Australia and you are looking for the ideal city to live your adventure, in this article we give you 9 reasons to study your English course in Perth. Are you ready?

1. Lifestyle

Perth is a laid-back city with an enviable lifestyle. It is the sunniest capital in Australia and most of its activities are outdoors, enjoying the good weather and its nature. It has incredible beaches where surfing is its protagonist.

2. Job opportunities

It is a developing city and is located in the richest state in the country. It offers many job opportunities for international students. You can find job offers in all sectors that provide job stability and extra income to cover your expenses as a student.

3. The weather

It is one of the best climates in the country. It is the city with the most sunny days in Australia, the summers are usually warm and the winters are mild. We could say that it reminds us a lot of the Mediterranean climate, it can even resemble the climate of Bogotá. Throughout the year you can enjoy the good weather and life in the open air!

4. Cost of living

It is a much cheaper city than other Australian cities, such as Sydney or Melbourne. Rents are more affordable for students and salaries are often high. This will allow you to have a good quality of life, cover your expenses and, even, you will be able to save!

5. Nature

Perth is surrounded by nature. You will find incredible beaches without leaving the city and spectacular landscapes. There are a large number of parks and green areas throughout the city, with many walking routes and bicycle paths. One of the best routes is that of the Swan River running through the city.

6. Public transport

It is made up of a network of buses, trains and ferries that connect the entire city. The price of each trip depends on the type of area you are going to go to. We advise you to purchase a card, SmartRider, with which you will obtain a 15% discount on the standard rate. In addition, you will find a system of free buses that operate in the center of the city.

7. Good schools and universities

Perth has a university and youthful atmosphere, with many activities for students. It has many universities and some of the best language schools are based in this city. There are many international students, especially from Asia, since they share a time zone and it is closer to their continent.

8. Multicultural city

As we have mentioned, it is a city with a great cultural mix. In addition, it offers numerous cultural, artistic and entertainment activities. Many festivals and events of all kinds take place throughout the year.

9. Road trip through Western Australia

If you come to study in Perth, you will have the opportunity to take a road trip around the state and discover incredible places that you would never have imagined. You can visit the mythical surfing town of Margaret River, get to Esperance and take pictures in its famous pink lakes. Travel to the north of the state and discover places with spectacular beaches like Exmouth or Broome or go to Rottnest Island for the day and play with the quokkas.

If we have convinced you and you think that Perth is your ideal city to study English in Australia, what are you waiting for? Come live your adventure in this paradise!

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