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10 Best Moments To Be Captured At Your Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are full of chaos and drama, however everyone at the wedding has some unforgettable moments especially the couple. These moments are the absolute most important ones that you’ll cherish forever. Make your the best wedding photographer in delhi you hire takes lots of pictures of all of these important moments.

1. Rings That Bind You Together

The first must have picture in your wedding album will be from the ring ceremony starring the rings that binds you together. You can use your creativity and skills to enhance the photoshoot and make it interesting to look at.

2. Photo Of Generation

This is a must have picture in your wedding gallery, a fascinating way to have a lovely picture with your parents and grandparents or great grandparents. Moreover do not pose just stay natural and let it be a candid moment.

3. A Picture With Your Dad And Uncle

Whoever male guidance you are close to in your family be it your uncle, grandfather or father, take a cute picture with them for you to remember. This will be a loving and touching picture in your album as you love no one more than them and they wish nothing but a lifetime of happiness and success for you.

4. Together With Your Besties

You know you wouldn’t have survived all these years without your besties. Be it the bridesmaids or the groomsman, they are all an important part of your lives and deserve some candid and special moments with you on your big day.

5. Capture Children

An indian wedding is incomplete without cute and naughty children running around creating a mess. However, it will be fun to capture their mess and cute faces with the couple. Just ask the best wedding photographer in Delhi you hired to capture the moment and some cute portraits with you.

6. Almost Ready

You can use the “ Getting Ready” pictures of the bride and groom to add that smile and happiness on the faces of anyone looking at the picture. It’s always fun to capture the messy yet memorable moments and showcasing it in the wedding album for the couple to never forget any detail about their big day.

7. Stay Mad

We understand you may be tense, anxious and tired of the regular “ smile wide” poses with your partner, family, friends, relatives etc. so here’s a tip for the couple. Stay mad and stay crazy. You can try some crazy faces on your big day, laugh about your crazy actions and let everyone think you are a mad and fun person. This would be a fun experience for the best wedding photographer in delhi you hired as well.

8. The Traditional Pose

Here couples are usually surrounded by their relatives and their friends for a traditional pose to click a picture with all of the guests who made it to their wedding to give them heartfelt wishes and blessings. The settings and the angle here is a bit different and formal than other styles. However, your best wedding photographer in Delhi can absolutely use some creativity and help you make your pose an interesting one.

9. The Final Get Ready Preparations With The Groomsmen

It is a fantastic idea to click some candid and messing moments of the groom getting ready and his groomsmen helping him get ready for his big day while teasing him as well. Give each one of them a task while clicking the picture. One can tie the shoelace, one can help you with your hair and others can have their task too. This can be a fun photoshoot for everyone around.

10. Capturing Blessings

In our Indian culture gifts are considered to be the blessings of all the people attending your wedding. Make sure your best wedding photographer in Delhi Captures the moment while receiving gifts or takes a picture of all the gifts you have got so far.


These are all the best moments to be captured at your wedding and definitely should not be missed. However, these can be more creative and beautiful to look at to revisit all those memories whenever you see the pictures again.

So, if you are looking for the best wedding photographer in Delhi we are the right choice to make. We have experienced yet creative professionals to make your pictures as emotional, fun and exciting as possible. Don’t forget to contact us if you want to know more about our work and our team.

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