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Yellowstone and 1923 Characters

How To Dress Like Yellowstone and 1923 Characters?

Western Style movies and series have their fan following. Recently, two series have gained immense recognition among the fans and masses. These include the ever famous “Yellowstone” and the “1923”. Yellowstone has just revolutionized the whole western style cowboy scene. 1923 has also created an impression on the fans and critics. Apart from the star studded cast, story, and screenplay, one factor that played an essential role in the success of both series is the smart outfits.

Fans are in love with the attire of the Dutton Family and want to buy Yellowstone TV series jackets. They want to dress up like their favorite stars and make their style statement. The overall attire of the characters has made everyone crazy with their class and style. Harrison Ford’s jackets from 1923 are also not far behind. In this article, we have created a guide on how to dress like Yellowstone and 1923 characters. We are covering all the necessary stuff you will need to match the stars. 

So, before a further delay, let’s dive into the details. Here we go:

Leather Jackets:

The leather jacket is the first and most important item you need to match the stars of Yellowstone and 1923. The leather Jackets showcased in the series are of the finest quality. Yellowstone Leather Jackets has blown away the audience with its class and stylish appeal. These sleek and sturdy Leather Jackets have elevated the style game of the Duttons. It is a must-have item for every fan of Yellowstone & 1923.

Cow Boy Hats:

No character in the Western Style movies and series is completed without a stylish cowboy hat. The same is the case with both these series as well. It is a necessary part of every character’s wardrobe. If you are looking for a vintage look, classic Stetson is the best. You can also choose from contemporary-style cowboy hats to match the style of your favorite stars. Duttons are very picky when it comes to their cowboy hat. A classy hat is a must-have item to match the characters from Yellowstone & 1923.

Denim Outfits:

Another critical aspect of both series is the extensive usage of Denim. From the denim shirts to the jackets and jeans, the cast has extensively worn them. It enhances the appeal of all the actors. The stuff is designed to match the Western Style culture in a big way. The double Denim is also stylishly used for a cool cowboy outlook. It is used in contrast to creating a perfect match of the dresses. You can also opt for the double denim style to create an excellent casual & stylish outlook.

Yellowstone and 1923 Characters

Belts and Buckles:

With the stylish 1923 Characters Outfits & Yellowstone dresses, the western style leather belts and buckles are an integral element. These bold and vintage styles give an exquisite outlook to jeans and pants. The choice of straps and buckles can completely transform you into the desired cowboyish look. Black or brown both colors will work, depending on the color of your other wardrobe. It is an essential accessory for matching your style and outlook with the characters in the series. Plan your belts wisely!

Plaid Shirts:     

In western style, plaid shirts are quite commonly worn. These shirts are stylishly used in the series to create a pleasing outlook. You can pair them with jeans and a skirt for a perfect match. The Dutton family likes wearing stylish plaid shirts. It is a permanent part of their wardrobe. You can also match their class by having the same style of plaid shirts. Add the plaid shirts and get ready with your exquisite cowboyish outlook for your next event.


Bandanas are a versatile accessory worn by the characters in both 1923 & Yellowstone. It is the most prominent wear in the western style culture. Like the Duttons, you can wear it as a headband or tie it around your neckline. Another style of using them is attaching them to your purse or backpack. A cool bandana gives the finishing touch to your western style outfits. It is a must-have accessory to complete your outlook. You can go for a printed cotton voile or paisley print bandana.

Suede and Shearling Coats:

The cast in both series has used suede and shearling coats in some great styles. It is an integral part of the characters in the winters. They look superb and make them look more classy and appealing. You can also use them and elevate your style game. The recommended choices are a shearling biker jacket, suede trucker jacket, or sheepskin ranch coat. Grab your stuff and match the outlook of your favorite Yellowstone & 1923 characters.


To dress like the famous characters from Yellowstone & 1923, we need quite a few critical stuff. It would be best to have classy leather jackets, denim outfits, and suede & shearling coats. Plaid Shirts are also an essential part of the wardrobe. Also, there are other accessories that you should have, like Cow Boy Hats, Bandanas, and Belt & Buckles.

I hope you have enjoyed the article and it will be helpful to you in dressing up like your favorite characters from Yellowstone & 1923.

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