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A road trip comedy with a magical animal? Sign us up! Filmmaker Zealey Bass's 'Icarus Stops For Breakfast' is a must-see. Here's why.

Zealey Bess’ ‘Icarus Stops For Breakfast’: All the reasons to watch it

A road trip comedy with a magical animal? Sign us up! Based on the short story Eating by Rick Bass, Icarus Stops for Breakfast tells the story of a couple stopping at a diner that is stuck in a time warp, with a magical guardian owl they accidentally trapped in their truck. 

This may sound like some dumb stoner comedy, but that’s the magic of director Zealey Bess and writer Holli Harms. Under her company Weird Sisters Films, Icarus Stops for Breakfast is a psychedelic black comedy that has just enough of a fairytale romance to keep it from going off the rails. 

A bit a magic to spice up life

With a company named like Weird Sisters Films, it’s no surprise Zealey Bess is drawn to the thought-provoking and unique stories out there. With a focus on giving female filmmakers a voice, Bess has a hearty collection of unique films, webseries, and theatrical productions under her belt. 

No surprise, projects like Bess’ debut film Play Ball! bring magic to everyday life. These three shorts highlight and honor those whose passion and commitment made the sport what it is today, in the style of black and white silent film. 

Yet with Bess’ direction, there’s a certain touch that makes these shorts feel like you’re watching magic happen. Even though all you’re watching is a short about baseball heroes. It’s the touch that makes Bess’ films stand out from other indie artists. 

Icarus Stops for Breakfast and for film festival awards

Naturally, the festivals that have accepted Icarus Stops for Breakfast have given awards left and right to Bess’ latest project. With awards for Best Actress, Best Fantasy Short, Best Comedy Dark/Black Comedy, and Audience Award, juries couldn’t get enough of Icarus Stops for Breakfast.

With such an innovative concept for a black comedy, it’s no surprise that people can’t decide which part they like better. On one hand, the magical owl is definitely hilarious, and it’s so insane you just want to believe it. On the other, this style of comedy is definitely not for everyone, but if you like black comedy, you’ll love Icarus

More on the way

Bess isn’t stopping with Icarus Stops for Breakfast though. In development is a feature length script entitled Walking Shadows, written by Chris Ceraso, as well as 7 Variations on the Same Lover by Crystal Skillman. 

We can’t wait to see more from Weird Sisters and Zealey Bess. Icarus Stops for Breakfast proves that Bess can combine genres flawlessly, and we know future projects will just be amazing.

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