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Director Katharina Baron's latest video project is capturing the healing magic of music. Read more about the story behind the music video Musica es Medicina.

Katharina Baron and her music video “Musica es Medicina”

Music has brought us together for centuries, between using it for traditional ceremonies, creative expressions of emotion, or just entertainment. The debut single from artists Veronica Zoppolo and Gary Younes “Musica es Medicina” not only reflects this, but also came from an ancestral chant from Central America. The music video directed by Katharina Baron premiered on KABINETT brings to life the power of music visually. 

Baron is no stranger to short form directing, between her extensive filmography of short films and commercials. She’s directed commercials for Mercedes, VW, and Swarovski, with her films making appearances at Cannes and the Rome Independent Film Festival. 

Director Katharina Baron's latest project is bringing to life an old Native American chant about the healing powers of music.

Baron’s international touch

LA based but European born, Baron started her career in French TV doing documentary work. Later on, she moved on to automotive, lifestyle, and fashion. As she moved on to more film based work, Baron also expanded her knowledge of digital storytelling. Major companies sought after Baron for her expert storytelling techniques. 

In “Musica es Medicina”, Baron’s storytelling comes to light next to the dreamy vocals of Zoppolo and Younes. Telling the story of healing through music, this debut video for the two singers wouldn’t be the same without Baron behind the camera. 

Director Katharina Baron's latest project is bringing to life an old Native American chant about the healing powers of music.

Talented musicians debuting 

Both Zoppolo and Younes have made their way to the top before they even opened their mouths to sing. Zopollo started out as a model in Paris and Milan at the age of 15, but she’s been around music her whole life thanks to her singer parents. Legendary vocal coach Dave Stroud is instructing Zoppollo, now based in LA. 

Younes is a French singer-songwriter working in the industry for years. While on a trip to Ibiza, Spain, with his spiritual community from France ” Les Amazones Parisiennes”, Younes and his friends ended up in the house of Thomas Keller, one of the most important person of the Spiritual community in Ibiza, who has been organizing weekly open singing circle for thirty years, and this song was played by a musician there.

A third voice in the song

While sung by Zoppolo and Younes, “Musica es Medicina” has parts that date back to the Native Americans of modern day Guatemala and Mexico. The ancestral chant was used during fireside ceremonies, to communicate with the four elements. As time moved on, the songs passed down through generations and are still performed today in both countries.

Director Katharina Baron's latest project is bringing to life an old Native American chant about the healing powers of music.

As tourists would travel to both countries, they would attend such ceremonies and listen to the chant themselves. Many took the chant home with them to perform in their own countries, looking for a way to communicate with nature. 

Unfortunately, Keller passed away in 2019. But his memory and work lives on in “Musica es Medicina” and Zappolo and Younes dedicated the song and video in Keller’s memory. 

A new way to share

With such an important video, sending out into the world needs to be just as fine tuned as the video itself. Kabinett is offering a new platform for artists to release their work and promote interaction with the piece. The Screening Room allows for the artist to share their work and the story behind it, all on one page, while still allowing your traditional likes and comments.

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