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'Becca on Call' is a fun comedy TV pilot, and the filmmaker & actress behind it, Jenness Rouse is well worth learning about.

‘Becca on Call’ directed by filmmaker Jenness Rouse and Matt Draper

Jenness Rouse is, at her core, a creator. She seems to do it all, from being a filmmaker who directs, produces, and acts, to being a professional vocalist, to being a speaker & author it’s no wonder why Rouse calls herself an artistic communicator.

Rouse is the lead singer in a French music band called Jenness too. Rouse is trained in classical opera, has experience in jazz, and has performed in stage musicals.

Jenness Rouse is also a motivational speaker and author, speaking at various events. In fact, she can be booked for events through her website.

Becca on Call is one of Rouse’s many projects, she starred in it as well as co-directed with filmmaker Matt Draper. Becca on Call is a TV pilot about an aspiring writer who gets sucked into working as a temporary part-time nursing assistant for her father at his new medical clinic. She does this in exchange for an “allowance” so she can focus on her writing.

It soon becomes clear there’s nothing temporary or part-time about nursing in any form.

Originally this project debuted at film festivals in 2016, and has since gone on to win multiple awards including a recent 2020 selection at the Montreal Independent Film Festival. The pilot is a fun and quirky comedy.

In order to make Becca on Call a reality Jenness Rouse created the production company Rising Monarch Productions. While the company was originally intended solely for Becca on Call it quickly turned into much more.

Rising Monarch Productions now also works to make other entertainment projects a reality including the live events, speaking events, filming other stories, and more. One of Rising Monarch’s latest productions is a webseries called The Shannon O’Brian Chronicles – a whimsical & lighthearted series featuring Jenness Rouse as the title character.

If you’d like to stay up-to-date with filmmaker Jenness Rouse & all of her various accomplishments and projects you can follow her on Instagram or Twitter.

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