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What’s the Best Age to Get Invisalign?

Invisalign aligners offer a convenient, comfortable way for you to transform your smile. If you’re ready to feel great every time you grin or want to correct your child’s teeth to ensure they always feel confident cracking a smile, keep reading. Here’s what you’ll need to know to determine the best age for Invisalign treatment and why you’ll want to talk to your local Seattle dentist about this revolutionary orthodontic option today.

What’s the Best Age to Get Invisalign?

From children to seniors, Invisalign is suitable for orthodontic patients of all ages. Children as young as six can begin Invisalign First treatment under the care of an orthodontist. Invisalign First aligners help children’s jaws develop correctly and create space so that adult teeth come in properly. Treating orthodontic issues such as bite and arch problems while a child is young can prevent minor concerns from evolving into complex problems.

However, don’t let the fact that you didn’t begin Invisalign treatment at a young age prevent you from starting now! Adults of any age can see fantastic results from using the Invisalign system. Completing the process as an adult may take longer because your jaw has stopped growing, but if you wear your aligners diligently, your treatment can be just as successful.

Any Age Can Be the Best Age For Invisalign

There are numerous reasons why dentists and orthodontists recommend the Invisalign alignment system as an excellent way to straighten out a crooked smile. The age of the individual using Invisalign can impact what aspects of the treatment they appreciate most, but at the end of treatment, patients of every age will be eager to show off their stunning new smiles.

Benefits For Children

Traditional braces are challenging for children to brush around, and brackets and bands can crack or break, requiring trips to the orthodontist for repair. Metal braces are also uncomfortable and can irritate your child’s lips.

Invisalign alignment trays are removable for easy cleaning, allowing your child to brush and floss their teeth normally. They also gradually guide teeth into their new position, minimizing discomfort. In addition, Invisalign’s smooth plastic trays are designed specifically for your child’s mouth, preventing the sores that metal brace can cause

Benefits fror Teens

The last thing a teen wants is their parent leaning over their shoulder, double-checking to make sure they’re wearing their retainer or properly flossing around their braces. Teens may also feel insecure wearing metal braces and retainers that are easy to notice and will appreciate the subtlety of Invisalign’s transparent trays.

Invisalign also offers teens the independence they crave by making it easy for them to take control of their treatment using the My Invisalign mobile app. Your teen can schedule reminders to ensure they wear their aligners for the appropriate length of time, keep track of appointments, and stay motivated by using the SmileView™ to preview their brand-new grin.

Benefits for Adults

Adults with hectic schedules will appreciate the fact that Invisalign aligners typically require fewer visits to the orthodontist, and the durable trays aren’t going to break or crack and cause a dental emergency at an inconvenient time. The low-profile look of Invisalign trays also makes them a clear winner among professionals who may feel uncomfortable committing to spending months with impossible-to-overlook metal braces on their teeth.

Ask Your Seattle Dentist About Invisalign Today

Transforming your current smile into one you feel comfortable showing off doesn’t have to be painful or time-consuming. Invisalign aligners allow you to live your life unencumbered by the stress and discomfort of traditional braces.

Create the smile you want without putting your life on hold. Ask your dentist if Invisalign is the right choice for you, and begin your journey toward a healthy, beautiful smile today.

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