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Water Potability Testing Service in Olympia.

The need for water for human existence and survival cannot be overemphasized. Access to water is one thing, while having the best water potability testing service is another thing.

It is no news that the water many of us consume is not safe. Though the water may run clear, without a proper water test, we cannot be sure of the safety of consumption.

Most times, leads are contained in the waters we consume at home, in schools, spas, restaurants, restrooms, etc. Leads in water are from the leads in faucets, pipes, and plumbs. Lead is an element with many uses in batteries, constructions, bullets, alloys, weights, and so on.

Leads are toxic to the human system, that’s why water potability testing service is vital. High levels of lead in the human system cause major medical damage, coma, organ failure, or even untimely death. Some lead effects are not curable medically. It is expedient to ensure that your plumbing equipment is not adding much lead to your water.

Leads in water can also be caused by corrosion – the chemical reaction that takes place in the plumb line or water pipe that contains lead.

Microbial Analysis of Water.

The World Health Organization states that at least 2 billion people daily use water from contaminated sources. This contamination, in most cases, is a result of poor or lack of quality checks, control, or water analysis/test. That’s why you will always need the best water testing service for your water. Since we cannot control the plumb line and pipes that supply water to us, we can be sure to have the best water potability testing with our water testing service at Olympian Water Testing.

Anything micro is something that is very small, that is not visible to the naked eye, yet it exists. Microbial analysis of water is the best and most reliable way to test your water for the presence of microorganisms, leads, and fecal contamination in your water.

Microbial analysis of water is the method employed in analyzing your water to give an estimate of the bacteria present and the kind of bacteria they are. This microbial analysis method takes samples of water to estimate the concentration of bacteria in the water to know conclusively if the water is safe for human consumption or use in any other way. Water can sustain the life of many microorganisms that live in water. Surprised to hear this, right?

The microbial quality of your water is very necessary, that’s why testing your water through a microbial analysis method is key to ensure your water is very safe for consumption and use.
The test for lead in your water at the community or state level should be at least once or twice a year.

Why Do You Need Water Testing Service?

Water testing is a service you will need all the time to ensure your water intake is the best. Do you want a stable water testing service? You have never been sure of the water you consume and use. Do you doubt the service of those testing your water currently? Worry no more, at Olympian Water Testing we serve you with the best water testing service.

What We Provide:

We test your water with the best state-of-the-art techniques and technologies to test accurately for a range of impurities and contaminations, including viruses, bacteria, leads, heavy metals, and much more. This allows us to identify any issue with water quality and provide you with the necessary guidance to address these issues.

We offer water testing services for chemicals in your water. Our team of experienced professionals is here to help ensure your water is safe for consumption and meets all the regulatory standards. We test your water at home, in school, in the community, in your hotel, in the swimming pool, restaurant, company, organization, and so on. Water potability testing is a way to ensure health and fitness.

Ideally, your water should be tested at least 2 times a month. Our team at Olympian Water Testing is the
If you are very sensitive to water and you react easily to water or a change of water you should have your water tested or checked monthly.
When changing location or relocating, water testing should be done to see if the water in the new area is safe for consumption and subsequent use.

At our water testing lab, after a sample of the source of your water has been collected, we pass your water through the coliform test for water quality. Your swimming pools should not contain high levels of coliform bacteria because it will increase the chance of falling sick by entering the body through the nose, mouth, and ears.

Hear From Others.

My landlord hired this company to test my water for heavy metals and chemicals. They were kind, professional and experienced. Results came in a reasonable number of days and revealed problems with iron and lead, so my landlord got a plumber right away and is changing a few pipes – Nancy Morales.

With our baby on the way, we had our water tested for lead. Dennis went over the elevated results and helped us understand our next option to improve our water quality and make it safe for our family to drink. – Melissa Otivich.

I used Olympian Water Testing for the lead-in water testing required for our licensed renewal. They handled everything in a very professional manner. The lab technician they sent did everything with extreme care. Will use again.- Katherine Sutton.

We operate assisted living facilities and use this company for the legionella testing.- Olivia Lewis.

Wrapping Up.

Nine out of 10 schools that switched to Olympian Water Testing save $500 or more on their school’s water testing service. Isn’t this amazing?

We don’t just offer quality, professional water testing service; we offer this service at the best price you can ever get. Begin your water testing journey with Olympian Water Testing Service and say goodbye to the consumption of contaminated and polluted water with leads, feces, and so on.

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