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Terpene Spray – The Value Add Game Changer

Terpene Spray is growing in popularity and for good reason. If you don’t know about terpenes and the value they can add to your product, get ready for a good read.

Terpenes have been around forever… literally forever. They are a component of every plant and even some animals have them. Terpenes are molecules that when combined in different orders give plants a distinct aroma.

A rose, a pine tree and an orange all have terpenes. They share some of the same ones. It is the combination of these molecules / terpenes that give each one of these plants a distinct smell. Each of these smells also tends to create a feeling.

The smell of fresh oranges and orange juice certainly gives you a different vibe than a rose. That smell of a fresh cut Christmas tree brings about a whole other feeling and sensation. Terpenes have an effect on our sensory perception.

It’s no accident that casinos put a hint of homemade cookies and or apple pie in the ventilation systems. Who’s in a rush to leave the house when surrounded by those smells. It’s easy to see how our senses value and assign meaning to different aromas.

Everyone loves the smell of fresh herbs. There is no comparison between a fresh herb and a dried out one that has been left on the counter. Any chef and cannabis connoisseur can easily agree on this point. We try to keep fresh herbs in a manner that keeps the properties and aromas alive as long as we can.

However hard we work at this process eventually the herbs and plants lose some or all of that great

aroma and entourage effect. The Christmas tree that leaves the house with old dry pine needles on the floor smells nothing like the vibrant tree that came in the house 2 weeks prior.

What if you could renew that aroma and effect that a plant once had in 24 hours? This is where terpene spray comes into play. Now you can take that so-so smelling herb and revitalize it in 24 hours in a super simple manner.

Today’s scientific advances allow labs to mix terpene molecules and create aromas that mimic real life plants. The perfume industry has been playing with Terpenes forever and the technology has continued to grow. Now labs can create terpene blends that are great imitations of different plants and herbs.

These FDA approved terpenes can be combined to create great aromas such as Pineapple Express, OG Kush, Sour Diesel and more. This technology is great however Terpenes have one drawback… the same as their live counterparts. They literally disappear in thin air.

Terps USA has created an application of spray terpenes that allows the terpenes aromas and properties to “Stick Around” to what it is applied to. The application of the Terps USA Terp Spray is a simple process. You can find step by step directions on the Terps USA website.

Using these spray terpenes can transform a product that is dry and stagnant to a moister livelier version; it has a great aroma and taste. This is truly a value add for anyone that has an old product that has little appeal or value.

Think about walking into a freshly cleaned house, getting in bed with fresh clean sheets. Our sense of smell has a much bigger impact on us than we tend to think. This impact and psychological edge is just part of the equation.

The addition of the terpenes enhances the taste, the entourage effect and the experience. The spray terpene not only adds value to older products, it adds greater quality to the final product. Terps USA Spray Terpenes are a win / win for all parties when it comes to enhancing the value and experience of connoisseurs the world over.

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