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Heat, cold, and UV rays all are a death sentence for your youthful glow. Keep dry skin at bay and prevent it altogether with these tips!

Here’s how you can prevent your skin from drying up when going out

Dry and cold weather is a death sentence for your skin. With this cold weather comes dry wind that sucks up any and all moisture from your skin. This directly causes your skin to get dry and rough. The strong cold winds contrasted with the dry indoor heat can worsen this issue. It can cause cracks and even bleeding. 

Read the article below to find out how you can protect your skin from drying up during harsh weather. 

Avoid long and hot showers

Hot baths feel incredible during cold, freezing winters. However, they can take away oil from your skin. This, in turn, can cause dry and chapped skin, which no one wants. There is also a high likelihood of harmful gas forming due to the chlorine in common shower water. 

Showering with hot water all the time can damage keratin cells in the outermost layer of our skin.

Luckily, you can use one of the many shower filters on the market. They remove chlorine as well as provide additional nutrients. 

Choose the right moisturizer

You cannot use the same type of moisturizer all year long as a lot of them are designed to protect your skin from a certain weather. 

Additionally, you should choose your moisturizer according to your skin type. Petroleum or oil based moisturizers, for example, can cause acne for certain skin types. 

Some people naturally have oily skin, it is best to go for moisturizers that contain humectants and emollients since they help retain the water in your skin. On the other hand, if you have extremely dry skin, you should use a moisturizer with strong moisture locking abilities.

Wear sunscreen 

A lot of people do not put on sunscreen, which is a terrible mistake. Sunscreens aren’t just for summers either. They are to be used in both winters and summers. The winter sun, along with the cold winds and snow, can seriously damage your skin. 

People believe only  in applying sunscreen in warmer climates, however the freezing temperatures and chilling winds of the winter seasons will leave your skin dry. This way your skin is more prone to the sun’s piercing  UV rays especially in the noon from 10am to 3pm.

It is recommended that you apply sunscreen to all of your exposed body parts 30 minutes before going out. If you are going to stay outdoors for a long period of time, you should keep on regularly reapplying for better protection. 

Avoid tanning beds

People make the assumption that tanning beds can help them get vitamin D which they are unable to get during the dark and cold days of winters. However, what they don’t know is that tanning beds can cause a lot of damage to your skin. 

The main component used in tanning beds is the Ultraviolet A and Ultraviolet B light. Both of these can destroy your upper skin cells and cause permanent damage to sensitive skin.

Keep your skin in check

You can either be a sun lover or someone who rarely goes out. In either case, it is important for you to keep a check on your skin. 

You should stay on the lookout for any moles, growths, or increases in existing growths. You should know that spots that are bleeding, itching, or causing discomfort can be harmful to your skin in the long run.

Additionally, summer is not the only season that requires proper skin care. Winters, fall, and autumn can be as dangerous for your skin as summers. Hence, take correct precautions all year long. 

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