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Shopping prescription glasses online has never been easier or more accessible in the recent days. Here's our handy guide.

What Is The Best Way To Get Prescription Glasses Online?

The days of wandering around town, trying on different shops in the hopeless goal of getting the right prescription glasses at a reasonable price are long gone. Even when it comes to prescription glasses, shopping  glasses online has never been easier or more accessible in the recent days.

You’ve just returned from the eye doctor, where you learned that your fears were realised: you’ll need to wear prescription glasses. Alternatively, you’ve been wearing them for a long and think it’s time to switch things up.

Planning Is Crucial When Purchasing Prescription Glasses Online

So there you have it, a very significant purchase, as you will almost certainly want to invest in high-quality glasses that will last you for several years. That’s why you’ll need to take a calculated strategy.

Why not check out the current seasonal trends if you’re like fashion? Consider what you want from your new prescription glasses and how they will complement your current look. What is the pricing range that you have in mind? Are there any specific brands from which you would want to purchase glasses? Remember that a pair of prescription glasses isn’t just about aesthetics,it’s also about functioning. The materials used in a pair of prescription glasses (both in frames and lenses) are very significant.

Make Sure You Know Your Numbers

To begin, your prescription will include figures for each of your eye’sdiopters. In general, the further your numbers are from 0, the more correction your eyes require. Farsightedness is shown by positive numbers, whereas nearsightedness is indicated by negative ones. The higher your diopters, the bigger the lenses your glasses will need to be, Communicate to your doctor about your alternatives before going shopping.

If you have astigmatism (imperfectly formed eyes that cause fuzzy vision), you will be given two additional numbers: the cylinder and its axis. These numbers, once again, indicate how much correction each of your eyes requires, making them crucial when purchasing new glasses.

You’ll also need to know your pupillary distance so that your glasses fit properly and serve their job. Don’t worry if this isn’t indicated on your prescription,measuring pupillary distance is simple.

Finally, don’t forget to measure the size of your spectacles. Of course, it’ll most likely be an M, but it’s best to be cautious than sorry. After you’ve gathered all of this technical information, it’s time to get down to business which is browsing!

There’s Something For Everyone Out There

If you still believe that shopping for eyewear on the internet is tough since you won’t know which frames are right for you, we have some truly amazing news for you.

To begin, determining which frames are appropriate for your face shape is a simple process. Glasses in the conventional wayfarer, clubmaster, or aviator forms are generally your best bet if you have a round face. Oversized, rounder, or cat-eye spectacles are perfect for square faces. If your face is more heart-shaped, rounded or cat-eye frames, as well as rimless or browline frames, can help to draw attention to your jaw. Finally, if you have an oval face, you can wear any shade and look fantastic.

So it’s entirely up to you to choose. Study face forms, look at what your favourite brands have to offer, and keep exploring until you find the perfect frame.

Yes, even online, you may try before you buy.For the best online purchasing experience, use virtual try-on.Still not persuaded?

 You’ll be pleased to learn that online prescription glasses purchasing has progressed even farther. Even after you’ve figured out your face shape (and consequently your optimal frame type), there are still a few extra things to consider. What are your favourite colours for frames? How can you be confident that your new prescription glasses are a perfect fit for your face and style?

The solution is straightforward: you use virtual try-on. Virtual try-on is Eyerim’s answer to real-life mirrors and the hitherto interminable question of “what if my (sun)glasses don’t fit?” All you’ll need is a webcam or a photograph of yourself to see how your fantasy frames might look on your face. Many of our products may be tried out in this manner, so go ahead and try them out! If you simply browse and try on various styles, you are probably certain to fall in love with at least one pair of prescription glasses.

What’s the nicest part about ordering prescription glasses online? You’ll always be able to find what you’re looking for because there are thousands of possibilities available to you right from your own house. So You go for it. Make yourself joyful by getting that ideal pair of prescription glasses according to your face shape.

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