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Cortisol levels can be tough to keep under control. Here are some tips on how to lower your Cortisol levels.

Tips to lowering your Cortisol levels

Cortisol is a stress hormone released by the human body. Adrenal glands are responsible for the release of cortisol. This hormone is released whenever our body is going through some sort of stress. Our brain releases cortisol to help us cope with any type of difficulties which we might be going through. You must practice to lowering cortisol level in order to keep yourself away from stress.

While small amounts of cortisol hormone are perfectly OK in your body, abnormally high amounts of this hormone can do more harm than good to your body.

Damages Of High Levels Of Cortisol

There are various scientific studies suggesting that high levels of cortisol can prove to be devastating for the human body.

With more than normal levels of cortisol hormone in your body, you might start suffering from symptoms like weight gain, certain chronic diseases, abnormally high level of fatigue, and decreased brain efficiency over time.

However, you do not need to worry, as there are lots of different natural methods to lowering cortisol levels in almost no time.

Decreasing Cortisol Level

Here are some of the best natural ways to decrease cortisol level in your body.

Start Getting Enough Sleep

The amount of cortisol released by your brain depends on the length and quality of sleep you get every night to some extent.

Also, you should sleep at night, he has some studies suggest that sleeping during daytime can also cause an increase in cortisol levels in your body. Drastically changing your working hours can also introduce them normally high levels of cortisol in your body because of the disrupted sleeping pattern.

That’s why you should get enough exercise, and should avoid taking caffeinated drinks at night. You should also keep your eyes away from every broad screen for several minutes before attempting to sleep. Also, try taking several labs throughout the day if you have a physically tiring job.

Do Moderate Exercise

You can also do some exercise to keep the cortisol levels down in your body. However, avoid pushing your body too much, or it might prove to be counterproductive for your cortisol levels.

While intense exercise can increase the level of cortisol in your body momentarily, it automatically decreases the cortisol level during night time when you try to sleep. However, as you build a habit of training and exercising during the day, you will notice a gradual decrease in cortisol levels as your body acclimatizes with the new exercise routine.

So, doing moderate levels of exercise can help you control the cortisol level in your body, and can allow you to decrease this level as well.

Train Yourself To Think Under Stress

Whenever your mind undergoes a stressful thought, it reacts by increasing the cortisol level in your body. Even thinking about some harsh past experiences of your life can trigger cortisol release in your body.

So, train to control your mind in such a way that you can easily go through stressful conditions without suffering from an abnormal amount of cortisol in your body.

This way, you can gradually control your stress levels, and can live a happy life.

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