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How To Get A Hollywood Body Fast!

Hollywood Actors make the press almost daily, and social media explodes with their new looks. Some seem to transform from regular Joes (well, almost) into breathtaking adonis’ and visions on the red carpet. 


Cultural fascination has existed since the early days in Hollywood, so this is not new. It has become much more scientific and transformational. The early days of Clint Eastwood, Sean Connery and Harrison Ford, all of who had desirable physics, but, by today’s standards, with a more comprehensive focus on aesthetics, their bodies are no longer enough. Nowadays, it would help if you were more like Chris Hemsworth, who has been able to change his body from skinny Chris from home and away to Marvel’s Thor. 


A select few have managed such a significant change, and here are some additional examples. 

  • Zac Efron – Baywatch – 2017 – Highlighted for washboard abs
  • Tom Hanks – Cast Away – 2000 – Highlighted for significant weight loss
  • Tom Hardy – Bronson – 2008 – Noted for bulking up


Hello Magazine reports 

Blake Lively for The Shallows – “I was working 13 hours a day because shooting was working out”.  


Blake was highly active during this time, wading through water and waves, which is why her change is so noticeable in the film, The Shallows. 


How do you get a Hollywood Body? 

It sounds obvious, hard work, intensive training, and a sculpted diet help you to shred fat and increase muscle. Although this will help, other essential factors and specific regimes are required., read on for more information. 


How do actors get ripped so fast? 

Actors can go into months of focused nutrition and exercise in the lead-up to film work. Chris Hemsworth is known for this ripped torso, but unlike many, he opts for a more natural look, maintaining the infamous V-shape. Some of this is good genetics, hard work, supplements, and diet optimisation. 

Rush Cutters Health suggests that if you are overweight, you should consume 2300 calories per day to allow a 20% caloric deficit. Their article is about a four-day workout. It notes that they also recommend BCAAs and whey protein supplements when working out to assist your muscles in development and efficiency. 

How many Hours do actors work out per day? 

We have researched various sources for this information, and most are working out five days a week for upward of 2-6 hours a day, some more, but it averages at 2-4 and 4-6 days a week.   

How long does it typically take for actors to achieve their desired physique? 

Typically this can be around 2-3 Months for Actors – Outlets reported that Zac Efron achieved his Baywatch results in just 12 weeks. We must highlight that this was with training 4+ hours per day, five days a week, which is almost impossible to achieve for ordinary people who work a 9-5 job. It could be realistic to stretch this out over 12 months or more when considering your training regime as a regular everyday person. If you are struggling for time, have you considered a Home Gym? Mirafit is one of the most well-known suppliers of Home Gym equipment, and you might try them. We also cover home fitness trends in this supporting article

Are there any potential health risks associated with the intense training and dieting required to achieve a Hollywood body?

There are potential health risks, and you must manage yourself carefully. If you want to make changes at this level, speaking with a Physical Training Instructor could be helpful to ensure that you make changes within safe parameters. Hollywood Stars are consulting nutirican consultants and PTs to accelerate results. You must manage your caloric intake alongside proteins and vitamins to help change.

What can you do to increase the speed of change? 

If you are looking for fast weight loss, you need to use more calories than you are consuming. However, ensuring a well-managed diet is critical because it can place stress on your body. 

For example, as a small-framed person, it is also necessary to bulk using complex carbohydrates to gain muscle and bulk. Again you must do this correctly for fast results and would benefit from speaking with a professional. 

What this article tells us

It tells us that if you are looking for a Hollywood body, it will mean hard work. To achieve change, you must increase your work output and, in most cases, cut by reducing your caloric input. It shows that you must carefully manage your proteins, BCAAs and nutrition. We also recommend hydration. Most chemical reactions work better in a hydrated body, so recovery and performance are supported if you keep your water levels up. The results also suggest a four-day regime, so when you put yours together, look at structuring it over seven days with strategic rest days. The other major takeaway is that actors like Hemsworth use sessions to focus on key muscle groups, such as the upper body, quads, core, and push and pull.   

Below is an abbreviated version of Hemsworth’s structure, notes that the upper body is the primary focus, but the format allows natural breaks in training without having a rest day if required. Upper, Lower, Upper, Lower. 

We’ve added rest days to show how this might work for you. However, those rest days might be weekdays to allow more intense activity over the weekend when you have more free time. 

Day 1 – Upper Body (push focus) SAT

Day 2 – Lower Body (quad focus)SUN


Day 3 – Upper Body (pull focus) TUE

Day 4 – Lower Body (ham/glute focus) WED



With this information, you can now make your Hollywood Body happen. Remember, it is safer to do this over time, and you should pay attention to your diet. Summer bodies should be planned well in advance! If you plan to do this quickly, take all precautions to do so healthily, you must put the time in. 

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