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Morpheus8 Beverly Hills Treatments

How to Find the Best Morpheus8 Beverly Hills Treatments for Anti-Aging

Irrespective of your age, you would always want to have healthy-looking and glowing skin every time. When the skin is blemish-free, wrinkle-free, and smooth, you will be able to reduce your makeup as well as gain confidence. But with age, you will collect acne scars, sun spots, and lines.

Fortunately, there are practical, innovative, minimally-invasive, and safe solutions today, which can guarantee improvement to damaged or gained skin with minimal downtime. Among the revolutionary treatments is Morpheus8 Beverly Hills.

What Morpheus8 Is and How It Works

Morpheus8 is a treatment combining radiofrequency therapy with micro-needling technology to resurface the skin, minimize excess fatty tissue, and stimulate natural collagen production.

The best Morpheus8 Beverly Hills treatments may be used on the body, neck, and face to strengthen and tighten areas with wrinkles and sagging problems.

Unlike non-surgical cosmetic technological advancements, Morpheus8 usually works well on every skin tone. The treatment can be performed in the doctor’s office and lasts between 30 and 60 minutes, based on the areas you want to treat. Not to mention, no operating rooms, stitches, or incisions are needed.

What Morpheus8 Treats

Morpheus8 is a great solution for facial rejuvenation simply because it may achieve corrections simultaneously. Other concerns it may address include the following:

  • Deep creases and lines
  • Enlarged pores
  • Stretch marks
  • Acne scarring
  • Poor skin texture
  • Sun damage
  • Mild softening
  • Fat accumulation under the skin

The Procedure

Beverly Hills Morpheus8 is an outpatient procedure. Neither intravenous (IV) sedation nor anesthesia is used since patients don’t feel discomfort throughout the procedure. The procedure is often done in several steps. These may include applying a topical numbing cream and using a device to deliver RF energy through micro-pins.

Expected Duration for the Treatment to Last

The longevity of the treatment majorly depends on the procedure itself and the patient. But expect those improvements to go for up to one year and six months. And in some situations, the results might even last longer.

It is also vital to note that every individual’s body behaves differently – meaning the results might vary. If you are unhappy with the duration, you can talk to the doctor about potential changes or treatments, which may help to achieve the look you want.

Recovery and Aftercare

Since Morpheus8 is a minimally invasive treatment, there is no actual downtime whenever you go through the procedure. But based on the extent of the treatment, you should not touch or wash the treated part for 12 hours or so to prevent getting an infection. Doctors always provide post-treatment tips for caring for the treated area.

Mostly, morpheus8 treatments are management and simple cosmetic procedures. Most patients resume regular activities almost right away after their treatment. While it is rare, some patients might experience side effects like itchiness and redness.

In a Nutshell!

While this treatment is minimally invasive, it is still important to know everything, which may affect you before you undergo the procedure. Besides, you will spend time with a doctor during the consultation. So ensure to answer questions about the treatment.

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