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HGH may help slow aging processes to keep you young and healthy. Find out what HGH is and how it can work for you and your healthy.

5 Things You Likely Didn’t Know About HGH (and How New U Life Can Help You Take Advantage of It)

As society continues to push the need to stay young forever, more and more people search for ways to slow down the aging process. Scientists and health experts have worked for decades to create the ultimate products to fight the signs of aging, but Alexy Goldstein, founder and CEO of New U Life, thinks he may have found the perfect combination of ingredients to help.

Using these powerful ingredients, Goldstein has developed various supplements that promote whole-body health and reduce signs of aging in adults.

Naturally produced by the pea-sized pituitary gland, HGH stimulates cell reproduction, fuels human growth, and triggers cell regeneration. Commonly called the body’s “master hormone,” HGH reaches its peak levels at puberty.

However, as childhood growth comes to an end and the process of puberty slows down, so do the benefits of naturally produced HGH. This is why many adults experience feelings of tiredness, weight gain, weakening of muscles, and the appearance of old age — things like wrinkles.

While many health and wellness companies boast products that combat these concerns, they’re often too expensive, don’t produce results, or cause various harmful side effects. New U Life, on the other hand, uses natural ingredients to promote healthy wellness.

“By founding New U Life, I sought to create a company that genuinely cares about the people. Every product we create, every formula we develop, every supplement we come out with—we do it to improve the lives of men and women all over the world,” comments Goldstein.

While many discoveries have been made regarding HGH, here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about the powerful hormone and how New U Life uses a unique blend of key ingredients to support our natural HGH with its revolutionary products.

1. The Original Use of HGH

During the 1960s, children began suffering growth disorders, most of which were caused by irregularities occurring within the pituitary gland. Scientists began reaching for ways to treat such disorders by harnessing HGH.

However, due to limited resources and lack of technology, their source of HGH back then came from corpses. One of the biggest drawbacks of harvesting HGH this way was the development of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, a fatal degenerative brain disorder.

Fortunately, in the early 1980s, scientists finally created a much safer version. Since then, HGH treatments have gained popularity among athletes, celebrities, and lifestyle gurus, who frequently advertise HGH as the key to their improved performance.

2. HGH Isn’t the Same Thing as Testosterone

Contrary to popular belief, HGH is not the same thing as testosterone. Most health and wellness experts already know this, but many companies seem to promote HGH as if it produces the same results as testosterone.

Testosterone is a steroidal hormone that enhances male characteristics and is typical used to promote muscle mass and strength. On the flip side, HGH is a protein that triggers cells to initiate growth throughout the body. While testosterone and HGH are both effective muscle builders, they’re used for very different reasons.

3. HGH Levels Decline After Puberty

As we mentioned earlier, HGH initiates growth in children and adolescents. However, beginning in middle age (at age 30), the pituitary gland reduces its HGH production since there’s no longer any real need for bodily growth.

As we grow older, the body continues to produce less and less HGH, resulting in various aging symptoms like weakness, fatigue, weight gain, and physical appearances of old age. This natural decline of HGH sparked interest among adults who wished to retain their vitality and youthful appearance, leading to the alternative development of the hormone.

Some of the benefits of using HGH include:

  • An increase in energy capacity
  • An increase in muscle mass
  • A reduction in fatigue
  • A decrease in body fat
  • Higher bone density

Today, scientists have learned how to harness HGH and offer them through various forms, such as pills, injections, sprays, and creams.

4. HGH Products Are NOT Anti-Aging Products

Since the body’s HGH levels slow down with age, some experts claim that HGH products reverse the symptoms of aging. However, this is just speculation.

HGH products help slow the physical appearances of aging, but they do not put an end to them altogether. Companies that market HGH as an anti-aging product claim they essentially turn back the biological clock. However, the FDA does not support these claims.

Companies like New U Life, on the other hand, work to create products that support/maintain the overall health of individuals.

5. How New U Life Utilizes Key Ingredients to Increase Natural Growth Hormone

For decades, scientists and health experts alike have been stumped on how to slow down the aging process. However, New U Life is creating revolutionary products with key ingredients to promote longevity and enhance the overall quality of life.

“Every product, ingredient, and the solution we offer contributes to enhancing whole-body health. While many companies claim there’s only one component necessary to achieve healthful living, New U Life combines all the major areas of healthful living to improve the body’s general well-being, thus creating a “new you,” comments Goldstein.

New U Life goes beyond just improving physical appearance. Since everything we do physically has a direct impact on our mental state, the company believes in healthful living—inside and out.

Goldstein continues, “As we go through the motions of life, we rarely stop to think about how every physical activity affects our body and our brain. I wanted to create something that increases our vitality in everything we do, physical or mental.”

The company continues to specialize in natural supplements designed to support whole-body health, including SomaDerm®, Fortress®, NeuraVie™, and other transformational products.

“While we understand that many people use our products to look younger, it’s important to remember how we can feel younger, too. Our company’s core values revolves around finding solutions to make a positive difference and promote happy healthful living,” concludes Goldstein.

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