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Heated tobacco or Vaping Which one’s better

The sale of traditional cigarettes has decreased substantially in countries like Japan and Korea, and more countries are likely to follow suit. While quitting may be a big challenge, may smokers want to switch to a safer alternative which is probably why many people want to know, which is the better choice: heated tobacco or vapes?

If you’re trying to make the switch but need more research before taking the dive, here’s some help. Discover everything you need to know about the similarities and differences between heated tobacco and vapes.

Both heated tobacco and vapes or e-cigarettes use an electronic device to deliver nicotine. The tobacco stick or liquid is inserted into the chamber of the device where it is heated, (not burned) to produce an inhalable aerosol. The heating takes place at a much lower temperature which is why they are also called non-combusted or heat-not-burn cigarettes.

Since the material is not burned completely, no smoke is produced. This accounts for a number of benefits which we will discuss shortly. 

Its difference lies in the composition of the smoking material. While heated tobacco sticks are made using real tobacco leaves, vape consists of a liquid that contains nicotine sourced from tobacco leaves. Heated tobacco sticks look like traditional cigarettes with real tobacco leaves and additional flavorings wrapped in paper. Vapes or e-liquids are made with propylene glycol, glycerine, and other ingredients besides flavorings. Since their composition is different, the resulting aerosols have different effects on your body. 

Which one is better?
Both products have become increasingly popular globally in recent years though the market demand may differ across different countries based on availability. For instance, since the launch of IQOS, the use of heated tobacco has soared in Japan and South Korea. The use of e-cigarettes was banned in these countries and contributed to this rise in demand. But in the US and UK, vapes are more commonly used than heated tobacco as the e-cigarette market was better established before heated tobacco was introduced. 

As the search for safer alternatives continues, researchers are putting great effort to derive crucial data from studies. However, it may be too early to conclude which of the two is safer. There are several studies, but more is needed to establish the long term effects of both heated tobacco and vapes.

Heated tobacco
Besides the highly addictive nicotine, tobacco smoke contains tar and other highly toxic chemicals many of which are carcinogenic. There are as many as 250 chemicals in tobacco smoke known to be detrimental to human health. As smoke is not produced when you use heated tobacco, you avoid exposure to many of these compounds.

However, this is not to say that heated tobacco is safe. There are always risks associated with tobacco use. A study suggests that people who switched to heated tobacco had fewer toxic chemicals in their system than those smoking traditional cigarettes. Hence, they had a reduced risk of diseases associated with smoking. However, compared to people who did not smoke, they still had significant levels of toxins in their bodies.

Vapes or e-cigarettes, on the other hand, were the first products that were offered as a non-medical alternative to quitting smoking. Since these products do not contain tobacco leaves, you eliminate the risk of exposure to tobacco tar. But on the flip side, studies suggest that vape aerosol may produce new compounds from the additional ingredients used in e-cigarettes which may adversely affect lung health. 

While it is true that both options are better smoke-free and safer alternatives to conventional cigarettes, they aren’t without risks. So narrowing down on the best option may depend on your individual preference.

The good news though is a relatively new heated tobacco product that has hit the market. The NEAFS heated tobacco sticks are similar in presentation to the typical heated tobacco sticks found in the market. But they are different in that these sticks are made with green tea leaves rather than tobacco leaves. The result? You avoid exposure to several hundreds of toxic chemicals contained in tobacco leaves. Thus, NEAFS heated tobacco may also be a better alternative to e-cigarettes. 

What is NEAFS?
NEAFS is a growing heated tobacco company that produces several heated tobacco products including heated tobacco free sticks and heating devices. The sticks are growing in popularity, given their quality and competitive price. There is a wide assortment of sticks with different flavours to suit your taste buds as you enjoy your taste of nicotine. 

The use of high-quality green tea leaves is a brilliant step to help smokers get their nicotine without exposure to all the harmful chemicals. Plus, they’re available online and offline, so they’re easy to source. You don’t have to scour places for these innovative heated tobacco free sticks like exotic products. For any smoker looking to switch, NEAFS would be a good place to stop.

Tobacco or no tobacco, nicotine is highly addictive and injurious to health, so all nicotine products come with associated health risks. But for regular smokers or those working their way towards quitting tobacco, heated tobacco and vapes provide a better alternative at no extra cost or sourcing difficulties.

NEAFS heated tobacco-free sticks, in particular, may be the least harmful solution for your nicotine craving. The quality is at par with all popular brands, users have vouched for its taste, and they’re cost-efficient.

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