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Exploring Isomerization: Converting Cannabis Compounds for Health Benefits

The chemical composition of the cannabis compounds like delta 8, delta 9, and CBD is almost similar, with some changes in the positioning of the chemical bonds. Therefore, it is possible to isomerize the delta 8 or any other cannabis compounds in the other compounds on the market. The best thing to know here is that Delta 8 is used to cure health issues.

Many brands in the market sell different doses of Delta 8. Therefore, it is better to start with the Delta 8 gummies, which have proper potencies and provides the body with the best health benefits. Many methods have been introduced in the market for the isomerization of delta 8 in other compounds.

Many methods convert delta 8 to other cannabinoids like delta 9 or CBD. Some of them are thermal isomerization and the use of catalysts. Learn more about these methods is mentioned in this article.

3 best methods for isomerization of delta 8

Many methods can be used for the isomerization of delta 8 in other compounds. Some of the best methods are mentioned below:

1.     Thermal isomerization

It is the most used and by far the easiest method for the isomerization of delta 8 to delta 9. In this method, delta 8 is placed in a certain wavelength of light, which causes it to heat, which then rearranges the chemical bonds in delta 8 to convert into delta 9. This method is affordable and doesn’t contain any of the complexities.

2.     Chemical catalyst

Yet another method is used for the isomerization of delta 8. In this method, some chemical additives like the catalyst are introduced in delta 8, which are then responsible for the conversion of delta 8 into delta 9 or other cannabis compounds like CBD. These compounds are then used in the products like the best Delta 8 gummies and vape carts.

3.     Isolation

This is another method that is used to separate the impurities like delta 9 from delta 8. This is because delta 8 obtained from the sativa plant contains different impurities. And they are removed in the laboratories with the help of the isolation process that is best to use.


The use of Delta 8 in different products is common as it has many health benefits when compared to the other cannabinoids out there in the market. However, many methods are used for chemically converting delta 8 into different cannabis compounds. Some of them are mentioned in this article.

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