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Did your house get hit with black mold? Don't wait another minute! Remove the mold and odor right away with these helpful tips.

Black Molds / odor Removal-Vital Facts

Black molds also known by the name of Stachybotrys are a genus of mold that belongs to fungi family. Black molds have been in news because of its toxicities and dangerous impact on lives of humans as well as animals. They are toxic in nature and releases mycotoxin. Excessive exposure of mycotoxin can have very serious health effects. 

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The seriousness of health hazard promoted by mycotoxin depends upon the level of spores inhaled by the person. Headache, fever, eye irritation, redness, skin rashes, cough, throat infection, sneezing and even asthma have been seen in people being in contact of black molds for long.

Molds are a common in homes and are formed in place experiencing excessive moisture and humidity. This is seen in places that experiences a lot of rainfall and flooding. Moisture present in the air also promotes spreading of mold spores from one place to another. The major indication of presence of mold can be the musty odor in the place. This clearly shows that either some area is experiencing moisture or molds. They can grow in almost any place or area. Furniture, rugs, carpet, floor, sink, walls, ceiling, roof, food etc cannot get rid of formation of molds on them.

In order to avoid formation of mold in your place, you should keep regular check on the moisture at your place. Wet surfaces should be wiped immediately and humidity should be reduced by renting commercial dehumidifiers from a restoration firm. Dark areas of the property such as basement, drawers, cupboards, bathroom and attic should be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. If black molds are seen in any of the place, then proper cleaning measures should be taken so that they can be removed from the property. Before taking up a cleaning task, protect yourself by wearing rubber gloves, respiratory mask, eye glasses and boots so that direct contact with spores can be avoided. Mold growth is removed using scrape paper and is disposed off in a plastic bag. The area is then cleaned using abrasive scrub and disinfectant. You can turn on fans and air conditioners so that the cleaned area can be dried.

But, if you are not sure of handling the task by your own or if the situation seems beyond your control then do seek help of professional mold remediation expert having prior experience in this area. Contact us for hiring them and quick response will be provided to you.


If you are facing problem of odor at your home, then it may be because of water damage, fire accident, mold or pets. Resolving these issues is not necessary only for eradication of odor from the place, but it is also important for preventing your family from various health hazards. Light odor form homes can also be masked by sprinkling baking soda or by simply disposing the object which is promoting that odor. But, if problem of odor is serious then without any delay call us to take our odor removal service which is specially designed to eliminate odor from properties that is developed as a result of fire or water calamity. if you still need professional to remove odor from carpet, look no further go to oracle carpet cleaning.

We possess years of experience in an area of cleaning, repair and restoration and guarantee 100% results in an area of removing odor. If you think that removal of odor do not require any expertise, then this is not the case. Only a well trained and knowledgeable person can take up a proper odor removal procedure and can deliver satisfactory results. Our team of contractors has a combination of experience and expertise in this area. As soon as you inform us about the need of this service, we quickly get ready to leave for your home and take up a primary inspection to find out source of odor. The object spreading odor is disposed then and there and the surface facing such problem is cleaned with standard quality cleaner and disinfectant. The methods brought into use by us for removing odor from the property is Thermal fogging, Nano Cartridge and Ozone.

Nano Cartridge method of odor removal is used to remove odor that has been resulted due to natural disaster. This method is widely used because of its effectiveness and its eco-friendly approach of treatment.

Thermal Fogging is a technique that helps in neutralizing unwanted and strong odors using highly effective deodorizers that is sprayed in the air so that it gets penetrate in each and every item stored in the place. This process is a must have to remove pet and mold odor from homes. Under Ozone Treatment method portable ozone generators are brought into use so that bed smells and odor can be removed.

So do consider each and every aspect while selecting an odor removal method as it is necessary to ensure worth of money you will be spending on them. Call us immediately for getting more information and quick service.

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