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The best tips against back pain

Back pain can have many underlying causes, but regardless of the cause, symptoms can be treated and pain can be relieved. Prevention also helps against pain caused by tension or lumbago, for example. The best tips against back pain can protect you from being permanently tormented with chronic back problems.

Heat relieves acute discomfort

Heat relaxes and relieves pain particularly well when there is only mild discomfort that is still bearable. Hot baths can serve as a source of heat, for example, or heat pads, hot water bottles and proven ointments, for example with ingredients of the heat-giving devil’s claw. Red light irradiation and heat-donating plasters, which are applied directly to the painful area, are also popular and proven.

Fight back pain with less body weight

Back pain is caused, among other things, by large loads on the spine and intervertebral discs and by overstraining the back muscles. This can be caused by excessive body weight, for example, which is why losing weight is always recommended for overweight people, even if the back is currently still pain-free. In the long term, herniated discs and damage to the spine can result from too much body weight. The danger is great if there are weak back muscles despite high body weight. Losing weight does not combat acute back pain, but it can be an excellent way to prevent it.

Design the workplace ergonomically

Workplaces that are not ergonomically designed lead to poor posture in many employees and workers, which in turn leads to permanent back pain. An increase in the number of people suffering from back pain can be seen above all in occupations with sedentary work, but also in the area of assembly line work and also when predominantly standing activities are carried out. When working at desks, care should be taken to ensure that these are adjustable in height. If necessary, standing desks can help against long, unhealthy sitting. Chairs should be ergonomic for proper and healthy sitting. There should be a healthy balance between standing and sitting.

Treat chronic back pain

Whether acute or chronic, back pain can be relieved in any way at any time, but if the pain lasts longer than twelve weeks, it is called chronic back pain and it is imperative that it be evaluated by a doctor and treated if necessary. Dr. Schneiderhan & Colleagues – Your Experts for Spinal Pain Medicine is an excellent address for this, as the clinic is one of the leading houses in Europe that successfully treats back pain.

A trained back is less prone to back pain

In many cases, the back muscles are too weakly trained when tension and pain occur after high or one-sided stress. It is a mistake to adopt a permanent protective posture and avoid movement, because this may aggravate the problems and prevent the pain from subsiding quickly.

Of course, with back pain it is not advisable or necessary to do demanding sports. Light sports such as cycling, swimming and walking are sufficient to strengthen the back muscles. It also makes sense to incorporate sports activities into everyday life, because this saves time and ensures regular physical activity. Maybe just leave the car in the garage for short distances and take the bike, or instead of taking the elevator, walk the stairs.

You made your bed, now sleep in it

Studies have shown that physical health is inextricably linked to healthy and restful sleep. Back pain can also result from poor sleep hygiene and too little sleep. When the muscles of the back can not relax and recover due to lack of sleep. The mattress can also be the cause of back problems, because the back muscles slacken during sleep and should therefore be supported by a high quality and suitable mattress.

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