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Where can I listen to High School Football Games?

Watching live-stream matches or keeping an eye on the scoreboard of High School Football is easy, and there are so many platforms available for this. However, mentioned two options could be expensive sometimes as you will be buying subscriptions.

Here is the all-way where you can listen to High School Football games according to High School Football Coverage.

Where can I listen to High School Football games?

Below given sites/apps/radio stations are the best way to listen to HS Football. Let’s see.

  • Tunein
  • NFHS
  • Maxpreps
  • KLWN
  • CBS Sports Radio
  • Sports mic
  • KCAP
  • KSL
  • WRHI

You can also visit youtube to listen to live High School Football events. Plus, local radio stations could be a great source for listening to football.

Mobile Apps to listen to High School Football games

Mobile apps are a great way to listen to football. Let’s see what the are apps you can use for HS Football.


TuneIn has 100,000 real radio stations and 5.7M podcasts in their apps. You can listen to all sorts of high school games on TuneIn.


NFHS is specially designed for High School Football. They broadcast, live stream, and provide highlights, scorelines, schedules, and so many other features to the users. All the HS Football games are available here, and you can listen to them 24 hours with amazing commentary.


Maxpreps app is owned by Paramount Global and is a division of CBS Sports. This app is specialized to cover live High School Football in the whole country.

Radio Stations to listen to High School Football Games

When it comes to listening, radio stations are the best service provider. Let’s find out what radio stations provide scores and everything about HS Football games.


KLWN radio station is one of the most popular radio stations for listening to High School Football games. They cover so many other areas too. They specialized in providing news too.

CBS Sports Radio

CBS Sports are there for all sports lovers in all form. They have streaming sites, they provide scorelines, plus you can listen to all the sports with CBS Sports Radio, including High School Football.

Sports Mic

Sports Mic is another popular radio station for listening to high school sports. Here you will get all the information and news updates on HS Footballs. Besides, High School Football Sports Mic cover all other sports too, and they are most famous for broadcasting basketball.


KCAP is my favorite radio station to learn about all the High School Football games. You can watch the game schedules and listen to all the HS Football events with KCAP. KCAP has different channels for different schools’ games.

Listen to High School Football Games on a Desktop/Laptop

Sometimes we don’t have our phones with us, so we can’t get access to radio stations or mobile apps to listen to games. In that case, there are several sites you can visit through a computer to listen to a High School Football game.

Let’s see.


KSL provides all the high school news on its site. They also offer live streaming to the users. You can listen to high school games on their sites too.


WRHI is the home of High School Football games. You can listen to live HS Football games direct from their channel. WRHI is available in apps and live-streaming formats too.


We have mentioned all the best ways where you can listen to High School Football games. Besides, that check out your local radio channel; they always cover school football games. Goodbye, for now, enjoy the game.

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