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Gamblers, who are accompanied by good luck, know that by itself it does not come, it must be earned.

What online casino games have the best odds?

What online casino games have a high chance of winning and will help you multiply your bet by several or even dozens of times? Let’s figure this stuff out together!

The variety of online games has long been calculated not even in tens of thousands but hundreds of thousands. Even an experienced player can get confused, not understanding where his chances of grabbing a big jackpot are much higher.

Explore your possibilities!

Each slot and potential win is a unique combination of luck, a calculated mathematical approach, and a cool head. In some games, there are more chances to withdraw the total cash from those players who act as rationally as possible. In other entertainments, those who impulsively rush into the game and trust their luck win. 

When you play at Indian casino, you have an incredibly convenient opportunity to try playing slots for virtual money first. And after establishing the most profitable relationship with a particular game, you can deposit real currency!

Of course, there is a list of games in which the advantages of online casinos are much lower. And therefore, the chances of the player increase! For this reason, all these entertainments have gained popularity in the gambling market.

winning at blackjack


One of the most popular classic games of skill is Blackjack. The odds of winning in Blackjack are usually very high. 

Experienced players who have many different skills in reserve and who can keep several strategies in mind simultaneously can reduce the edge of an online casino by up to 1%!

Sic Bo

The essence of the game Sic Bo is quite simple: a roll of three dice, after which the result of the bet is determined. They are placed in a sealed chest after players place bets in Sic Bo on certain areas of the table. 

The dealer shakes the chest and shows the dice. In most of the stakes in this game, the players’ advantages are very high: from 29.2% to 47.2%.


The card game Baccarat is famous all over the world in a variety of variations. It can be found under the names Punto Banco, Chemin de Fer, Mini, Baccarat Banque, and many others. A lot depends on cards and luck. But, of course, experience and practice are invaluable. Professional players build strategies for themselves in Baccarat that suit them individually. 

By the way, experienced gamers recommend always betting on the banker because this increases the likelihood of winning.

Jacks or Better

Video poker Jacks or Better also has high chances. The win is multiplied by nine if you have a full house and by six if you have a flush. That is why users are increasingly choosing Jacks or Better when having fun in the best online casinos in India. 

Playing these games at high stakes is recommended because it has also increased payouts for a royal flush.

lottery winner


The lottery is one of the most popular entertainments, both online and offline. Games such as keno, bingo, and others have many fans worldwide. The unpredictable result in the loto often depends on your luck, and the advantage of an online casino is never more than 30% and sometimes reaches 16% at most.

Texas Hold ’em

The Texas Hold ’em game has been a hit in casinos over the past decades, and there are many variations, limit, and no-limit games. Hold ’em players do not play against the dealer but against each other. The winner is the one with the best combination of who is left last at the table. The probabilities of collecting combinations in Texas Hold ’em are as follows: a pair — 42.26%, two pairs — 4.75%, three of a kind — 2.1%, and a straight — 4.62%.

Do not forget that a low online casino edge is not always guaranteed a successful game! Look for your unique key to success in licensed casinos like RajBet and research the games you are interested in because only by practice will you be able to understand whether they suit you or not!

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