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Films and gambling go hand in hand since the very beginning of the movie industry. Let’s take a deep dive into the world of movies and gambling.

Movies and Gambling: A Match Made in Heaven

Films and gambling go hand in hand since the very beginning of the movie industry. Whether it is just the perfect setting for an action-packed scene or the focal point of a movie plot – the gambling industry, in all its shapes and sizes, has always been something Hollywood directors rely on. There is simply no other setting that helps build the anticipation faster than casinos. But is that the only reason? Of course not! Let’s take a deep dive into the world of movies and gambling.

Storytelling: Quirky & Unique Characters 

Let’s face it – there is no business like show business, but when it comes to inspirational figures, the casino industry doesn’t drag behind. In fact, it is full of characters that are dangerous, sometimes incredibly frightening, have amazing business skills, are usually connected to the mafia, and live a glamorous lifestyle. 

If you think we are exaggerating how interesting people in the casino industry may be, allow us to introduce you to a movie that actually needs no introduction at all – Martin Scorsese’s Casino. In this movie classic, all the main characters are inspired by real-life persons.

And even if there is not a single interesting person in sight, the casino setting allows moviemakers to add as many as they want. Just think about Ocean’s movie series. It wouldn’t be nearly as popular if there wasn’t the casino setting that allowed different kinds of characters to do what they know best. Every time the movie industry needs a big baddie, all it has to do is integrate a casino, which brings us to the next aspect of this marvellous connection.

Stereotypes Keep the Connection Alive

The gambling industry has a dark past. There is no reason to deny it. From connections to all sorts of underground organizations to, more often than not, illegal practices – it simply has a reputation. When you need a setting for a plot or a place where the main protagonist meets its arch-nemesis, nothing provides a better backdrop than gambling. 

The fact that the gambling industry has been highly regulated, and legalized, with casinos such as Amazons Slots that deliver games straight to your fingertips in the comfort of your own home, means little to average media consumers. They have their prejudice, and Hollywood helps to keep them alive. Even if gambling doesn’t have a pivotal role in the movie, it just feels so appropriate to put the main villain in such surroundings. 

This approach became the most apparent in James Bond movies. Ever since Dr. No was released, and Sean Connery played the first hand in that Chemin de Fer scene, it became obvious that casinos elevate the suspense to a whole new level. 

It goes without saying, James Bond movies are only the most famous examples of this love relationship. Sometimes, Hollywood chooses to go the other way around, and instead of the glittery venues of Monte Carlo, chooses to depict gambling as an activity for low lives. The best example of this is the poker evergreen Rounders with Matt Damon, Edward Norton, and John Malkovich (and let’s not forget Malkovich’s horrible Russian accent). 

All this being said, it is only natural to wonder whether the casino industry gets to reap any benefits?

Branded Games & Movie Tourism 

Despite being depicted as a place where all sorts of criminals come to hang around, the casino and gambling industry shouldn’t shed a tear for it. It is not surprising to hear that many casinos featured in movies have become tourist hotspots. People from all over the world find time and money to visit the famous Casino Estoril from the Bond movie, or book the suite the guys from Hangover demolished. In the end, one of the most famous Elvis movies, Viva Las Vegas, has convinced generations of visitors to go and see Sin City. 

It has also become an immense trend for gaming providers to collaborate with production companies and release movie-inspired games. Slot machines dominate this particular market, as they provide endless branding possibilities. Also, they are insanely easy to create: the storyline is already done, just as music, sound effects, and visuals.

Gambling aficionados out there are dying to play slots that are based on their childhood favourites, such as Goonies or beloved action flicks by DC Comics and Warner Bros. Often at times, these games have a somewhat short life span, but that doesn’t make them any less attractive the very first time they appear on the market. Besides, they help complete beginners immerse themselves into the sometimes overwhelming world of gaming. 

As long as both industries thrive and have something to offer, they will be like two peas in a  pd. Thre is no reason for them not to continue contributing to one another.

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