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How do you pick champions?

One of the main reasons the League of Legends game is so popular and beloved has to be the diversity of the champions you can choose to play with. Right now, there are more than 140 different champions, that are different from each other, have different skills, and develop in unique ways. With the help of the champions, the game allows you to choose the one that is most suitable for you considering the champions’ technique and you can have the best experience possible. League of Legends, unlike other MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena games), makes it available for players to buy all champions they want to play. At first, you are given 16 champions for free but as you continue to play the game, win matches and collect the so-called Blue essence you can buy new desired champions with it. While the game has become much more generous in terms of how quickly you can unlock champions via in-game rewards, finding the one you enjoy the most takes time. To get more results in game, you need to try League of legends mastery boost lol by experienced team, like Elounion.

The roles the champions play

You have to understand that each champion has his or her designated role in the game besides looks or skills. Ever since its launch in 2009, the game has set five main roles for the champions: top, jungle, mid, bot, and support. This is where it can get a little bit confusing because the roles on the map and the roles of the champions are not always the same. For example, you can have a mage champion best suited for support or a fighter frequently seen in the jungle. Because of that Riot has decided to make it easier for new players to understand. Keep an eye on the map roles, as these will often indicate where a champion is viable to be played, letting you know that you are already prepared for champion selection. It’s worth noting that some champions appear in multiple role tabs in champion select. As an example, consider Zed. Because Riot considers him viable in both positions, he can be found under both the jungle and mid tabs. Try out the Mid and Jungle positions when looking for a different approach in the LOL game. The mid-lane role is very popular because players can pick any champion to make the game worthwhile. As a result, you can play as a fighter, tank, mage, marksman, assassin, healer, or anything else that will help you stay in the game.

Why is choosing a champion important?

As former gamers, we understand that it can be very hard to find the champion that you know is the best for you but believe us it’s worth looking for. When you achieve that goal, the game becomes much more exciting and you start to enjoy the process of working and practicing your new skills. It also shouldn’t be the only one you might find several champions that help you put the best performance in the game and eventually even master it. Now you know that different play styles require different champions to sustain themselves till the end and bring victory to your team. So, without further delay, brace yourself to explore the League of Legends battlefield with your favorite champions, and remember to have fun along the way and if by any chance you will need a piece of advice or some direct help, you know you can rely on Elounion.

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