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Choosing a class is one of the biggest decisions in Final Fantasy XIV which will impact your gameplay till the end. Here's how to choose a job.

Which job should you choose in Final Fantasy XIV?

Choosing a class is one of the biggest decisions in Final Fantasy XIV which will impact your gameplay till the end. Whether it is the single-player campaign or the multiplayer gameplay, class impacts everything. Max leveling a class takes some takes and choosing the wrong class will waste a lot of your time before you realize your mistakes. Here is a guide to help you choose a job according to your needs and your dream role. 

Roles in FFXIV

Before digging deep into jobs in FFXIV, you need to learn more about the roles. There are three main roles in the game which are given below along with more details about them. 

  • Tank: Tanks play a leading role when it comes to dealing with dungeons in FFXIV. They are represented by a blue icon. Enemies deal the most damage to them and they act as shields for the team. All thanks to their armor and spells, they can effortlessly protect themselves. Although, they can deal some damage their main task is to take enemy attacks while DPS and healers do their jobs in the background.
  • Healers: As the name suggests, healers stay behind the lines and restore the health of frontline fighters with spells and shields. They are represented by green color character icons. Some magical damage-dealing attacks are also available but they act as saviors of the team. 
  • DPS: These are the main damage dealers in the game that uses weapons and spells to kill enemies. Some DPS jobs deal heavy damage to a single enemy while other attacks various enemies at the same time based on their spells. They play the most crucial role in deciding the winner of the team but they are nothing without the support of both healers and tanks. DPS characters are represented by red color icons. 


Below are the four best tank jobs in Final Fantasy XIV that you can choose to lead the attack from the front line. 


Paladins are fighters who use shields and swords to deal heavy damage to enemies and absorb some of the damage to keep DPS characters alive. They also feature some spells along with various supportive skills. It is one of the best choices for beginners as there is not much to learn about it. To take the paladin job, you first need to choose the Gladiator class and upgrade it to level thirty. 


Warriors are fierce fighters who deal damage to enemies using big axes. They use hard-hitting moves and increase the strength of these moves with abilities to deal with enemies single-handedly. Their big burst damage window is the most popular in the game which slices through enemies. Choose the marauder class at the start of the game and upgrade it to level thirty to take the warrior job. 


Just like Paladin, Dark knights also use a massive sword for physical damage and magical attacks to finish enemies. It doesn’t restore the health of teammates but can put a shield over a teammate to save them from damage dealt by enemies. For dark knight, you need the Heavensward expansion and the job doesn’t matter as long as it is a level fifty job. 


Gun breakers sometimes feel like DPS characters due to many reasons but it falls into the tank class. It deals damage by shooting bullets at enemies as well as using a sword when no bullets are left in the bag. It is a great weaving job that requires you to get the shadow bringers expansion along with any level fifty class in FFXIV.  


A healer act as the backbone of any combination because they are magical characters who keep everyone else in the team alive by restoring their HP. Below are some of the best healer jobs that you can opt for. To get the most out of these jobs, you can buy gear from vendors with FFXIV Gil.


White Mage is an ideal healer in FFXIV as they can deal damage to enemies with canes and restore the health of their allies with magic. They have burst and over time spells to heal allies according to the situation. To become a white mage, you first need to choose the Conjurer class and upgrade it to a minimum of level thirty. 


Scholars call fairies to restore the HP of allies and save them from damage dealt by enemies with large shields. These fairies also have their skills which come in handy in keeping allies alive for some more minutes and winning the battle. With the right rotation, you can always keep shielding your teammates. You can only become a scholar if you have started the game as an arcanist class and upgraded it to level thirty.


Astrologian uses both special cards along with magic to help their allies and get them out of a difficult situation single-handedly. You only have to worry about getting the accurate card out of the deck according to the need because each card buffs different roles. Go with the Heavensward expansion and upgrade the character to a minimum of level fifty to become an Astrologian.


For those who want to deal damage to enemies only, DPS is their best option, and below are the best melee, physical range, and mage range jobs in Final Fantasy fourteen. 


Monks are born martial arts who deal damage by kicking and punching enemies. They can create combos of punches and kicks to increase the damage dealt with enemies. Go with the pugilist class at the start of the game to become a monk later. 


Bards are musicians who put their musical abilities to use to deal with enemies. Their melodious songs can increase the overall strength of the entire team. With a poison attack, they can deal damage to enemies over time. Bards are a great choice for those who want to support teammates and defeat enemies at the same time. Select the archer class at the start of the game to become a bard. 


As the name suggests, a black mage deals damage with spells. The casting time of black mage is high compared to other jobs. Mana regeneration can be an issue at high levels to continuously deal damage to enemies. Level thirty thaumaturge class is required to play as a black mage. MMOPIXEL.COM provides players with FFXIV Gil at the best price for American, Australian, European, and Japanese servers. 

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