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There's more that goes into successful gambling than just luck. Learn about the different casino rewards you can use to boost your winnings right here.

Master your bets: Here’s your guide to online casino rewards programs

The rise of online casinos is no coincidence. When Colombia legalized online gambling, they also developed a carefully regulated market for only casinos. That means Colombia is the best place in the world for easy, fun, and safe online gambling. On top of that, online casinos have really upped their game in response to the pandemic driving more people online.

But with more companies competing for bets from willing players, the rewards players get for playing with their website had to be better. Now, nearly every website has a grand welcome bonus for new players, and offers a rewards system to get players to stay with them as time goes on.

If you’re new to online gambling in Colombia, these offers may be confusing. Is it better to deposit more to get free cash? Should you pick a site offering double points on certain days of the week? All this comes down to personal choice. But in case you need help making those choices, these are the basic parts of any online casino’s rewards system.

Welcome bonus

Usually, this is what gets you interested in an online casino in the first place. That big shiny bonus on the front page offers you free money and even free spins depending on how much money you spend on your initial deposit. Some sites may even stretch it out to your first five deposits with them, to keep you attached to them. The Colombian market is competitive, so casinos do their best to help you win big.

Now on the outside, it makes sense to pick the site that has the largest welcome bonus. But it’s not that simple. Many sites advertise $1k welcome bonuses, but you have to make a deposit above $300 or more to get it. Some say you can get $1k welcome bonuses, but that’s across multiple high-level deposits. Make sure you read the terms and conditions of the welcome bonus before making a choice.

Weekly bonuses

While the welcome bonus gets you to sign up, weekly rewards are what keep you reeled in to play more. From free spins if you play a certain game, to tournaments where the prize is cold hard cash, plenty of opportunities exist for you to score free benefits at least once a week, if not more.

You just have to decide what kind of weekly bonus you’re looking for. If you like slots, then free slot dollars on Tuesdays is a great deal for you. If you’re someone who loves competition, then tournament play is what you need. You need to determine what will get you going and keep you invested in the site.

Free spins

Obviously, free money is ideal. But you want to make sure there’s no loose ties with playing it. Sure, you get $10 in free bets. But do you have to have an account for so long? Can you not cash out any money from those free bets? Again, the terms and conditions will be your best friend to figure out the best deal.

VIP Program

Now the big question is, should you have to have a special membership to get all these benefits? At a brick-and-mortar casino, you normally have to have a player’s card to use the machines or play at the tables, and at an online casino, you have to have an account to place a bet.

By default, you join a rewards/VIP program when you sign up for an online casino, so you shouldn’t be worried about any additional benefits. The Colombian market is well-regulated so you can feel confident registering for as many online casinos as you like. All that matters is that the casino you sign up for does offer some kind of welcome bonus, and of course events to help you score more free dough.

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