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Why offer Customized Heavyweight T-Shirts

When it comes to designing and creating a popular clothing brand every aspect and detail is important. Every element will have an impact on customer’s perceptions and your branding, from the material to the design itself. When you are considering these things one of the choices you have for t-shirt printing Singapore is whether to use heavyweight shirts. Here is a look at why they can help set your brand above other options, improve your reputation and encourage customers to be more loyal.

Heavyweight shirts offer better durability

One of the key reasons like heavyweight t-shirts is their durabilty. They last for longer sometimes several years longer, than more lightweight options. This is because of how they are made and they use more durable and thicker fabrics. They do not start to wear down as quick or show up their age as quick. That kind of durability is something that makes customers happy and more likely to keep buying from you and recommend you to other people.

Offer a shirt with a more substantial feel

The heavy nature of the shirts can offer people the impression of something more substantial and higher quality. It has more value as a result than something lighter and that contributes to the idea of the clothing being well crafted, upscale and premium in nature.

More suitable for printing and embroidery

A good reason for using more heavyweight shirts whether you are making them to sell, or making them to give away or for marketing, is that their nature makes them great for printing and embroidery additions. When you are looking at tshirt printing Singapore using heavyweight t-shirts gives a more sturdy base for what changes you want to make. It holds stitches well without rucking, there is less chance of distortion or stretching with a printed image or wording. It is also less likely to move around during the printing which might impact the striking nature of the design.

Extends the seasons people wear your shirts

Lighter t-shirts are worn when it is warm, and some wear them for nightwear too. But a good reasons to use t shirt printing Singapore methods on heavier shirts is because they will then wear them suring the cooler months as well. Then you can have customers wearing the clothes almost all year round potentially. Being thicker they offer extra warmth and protection and can be layered with other items. Being more versatile in when your clothing can be worn is a good way to open up your customer base.

They are perceived as being higher quality

Using tshirt printing Singapore on heavy tees adds to the overall perception of your brand is being one to value quality. As mentioned customers often associate craftsmanship and better durability to those thicker materials. Paying attention to these kind of details is how you can boost how your business is perceived and tells customers quality is important to you. New customers are more likely to come to buy from you and old customers are more likely to stay loyal.


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