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The Benefits of Pukhraj Stone

The Most Auspicious Gem!

One of the most auspicious gems among the Navratnas (nine gems) recommended in Hindu texts is Yellow Sapphire, commonly known as the Jupiter stone. This potent gemstone, also known as the “Pukhraj” stone, Pushkaraj, Push Raja, Peetmani, and Kanakapushyaragam stone, claims a particularly important place in the astrological community. According to legend, the Pukhraj Stone contains the abilities of Jupiter. Because Jupiter is the solar system’s heaviest planet, it bestows special powers on Yellow Sapphire that sets it apart from other precious stones. To get the most out of a natural Yellow Sapphire stone, the wearer must have its compatibility determined by a knowledgeable astrologer and a gemmologist.

The Benefits of Pukhraj Stone

The advantages of Yellow Sapphire are innumerable, and it has been noted that those who wear this lucky stone are able to attract a lot of hope and enthusiasm. One of the most trustworthy and secure jewels to wear is this birthstone for September. The amount of iron in it gives it its characteristic yellow hue. The primary advantages of Pukhraj stone are listed below, among many others:

  • When worn properly, a Yellow Sapphire gemstone can work incredible miracles in your life. This strong precious stone offers marital happiness and fulfillment, especially for ladies, and shields the wearer from evil. Therefore, a woman might get a lot from Pukhraj, including a devoted and successful husband, love, conjugal contentment, heirs, and marital bliss.
  • In Hinduism, Jupiter is known as the Guru (teacher). Advocates, attorneys, judges, academics, and authors all gain a great deal from it. It improves a person’s capacity to manage ambiguous circumstances. It enables them to make wise decisions, exercise self-control, identify their life’s objectives and succeed in them.
  • Jupiter is the most beneficial planet, and wearing an authentic Yellow Sapphire gemstone entirely counteracts its unfavorable effects. The wearer enjoys life’s uncommon pleasures, like achievement, intelligence, and solid friendships. As the planet of wisdom and judgment, Jupiter is also a great choice for academics, writers, traders, and artists, who can all benefit from Pukhraj. Spiritual inclinations are significantly influenced by Jupiter, and the Yellow Sapphire stone stimulates them further to find more comfort in spirituality.
  • The benefits of Pukhraj stones are innumerable, and as a result, they are renowned for having healing properties for conditions including kidney, mouth, rheumatism, cough, and fever. A Yellow Sapphire’s properties shield the wearer from any unintentional fatalities.
  • A Pukhraj stone bestows happiness, bravery, and mental tranquillity. Yellow sapphire lessens one’s propensity for rage and helps the wearer maintain composure. Additionally, it can lower body fat and treat throat and skin conditions. It is known to speed up the recovery processes.

Don’t Get Fooled by Fake Stones

The value of Yellow Sapphires has climbed significantly along with their popularity, which has multiplied manyfold. The Indian market is reportedly swamped with the knockoff Pukhraj. By claiming it to be a real Pukhraj gemstone, many dealers have begun to sell fake Pukhraj.

Anyone would face difficulty distinguishing between natural and treated Pukhraj. Here are some steps you can take to prevent purchasing a treated Pukhraj.

  • It is advised to stay away from Pukhraj, which is dark yellowish in hue.
  • There would be specific inclusions in a natural Pukhraj.
  • Avoid purchasing the crystal-clear Pukhraj.
  • Consult a qualified gemmologist who can provide you with an unbiased opinion.

Final Thoughts

We advise you to buy natural Yellow Sapphire stones from licensed merchants who can offer the necessary certificates and paperwork to demonstrate the stone’s authenticity. We provide a wide selection of Yellow Sapphire stones at the most competitive prices. Only genuine gemstones that have undergone testing and certification by the SSEF, GRS, GIA, and Gubelin labs are sold at Navratan, the online gem bazar. Check our website to buy gemstones online and select from a large selection of genuine and certified gemstones, healing crystals, and jewelry alternatives like yellow sapphire ring. We are one of the most reputable gem merchants, and we can assist you in finding your dream jewelry.


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