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ROOT TOUCH UP: Step-by-Step Guide

Maintaining the perfect color of your hair is essential in a society where looks are more important than ever. However, life’s hectic schedule frequently results in those annoying root regrowths, endangering your flawless appearance. But don’t worry! The power of root touch-up is the answer right here. In this in-depth guide, we’ll cover all you need to know about root touch-ups, from their significance to the DIY methods and professional solutions available. Bad hair days are over; a perfect mane is here! As the name indicates, a root touch-up entails coloring your hair at the roots. Root touch-ups are often advised after dyeing your hair every few weeks. In between visits for hair coloring, root touch up is a terrific alternative. They assist you in hiding the gray areas that start to show. Additionally, it makes you appear well-groomed.

 The Significance of Root Touch-Up

Even though root regrowth occurs daily, it can be upsetting when it messes with your chosen hair color. Applying hair dye, especially to the regrown roots, to match your existing hue is known as root touch-up. Following this procedure may enhance your overall appearance by ensuring that your hair color looks smooth and uniform from root to tip.

DIY Root Touch-Up: A Step-by-Step Guide

Gather Your Supplies: 

Before you start, gather all the required equipment: gloves, an applicator brush, clips, a mixing bowl, and a towel. The procedure will go more quickly if everything is prepared.

Choose the Right Color:

 As nearly as you can, match the color of your current hair. If you’re undecided, choose a lighter color to avoid going too dark.

Prepare and Apply the Color:

Step 1: Portion off your hair and clip each portion together.

Step 2: Prepare the hair color by mixing it as directed.

Step 3: Using the applicator brush, color your roots, starting in the middle.

Step 4: Go through each area, ensuring you’ve covered everything.

Step 5: Set the timer following the dye’s directions.

How to touch up roots

Apply a patch test (optional but advised)

It’s a good idea to perform a patch test before applying the dye to check for allergic reactions or sensitivities, especially if it’s a new product. As directed, apply a small amount of blended color behind your ear or on your inner forearm to test sensitivity. To ensure a favorable response, wait 24 to 48 hours.

Part Your Hair

Utilizing the sectioning clips, divide your hair into portions. Starting with a horizontal segment down the middle, add further parts as necessary. Making portions of hair makes it simpler to evenly and completely apply the color.

Mix a dye

To combine the dye and developer in the mixing bowl, follow the directions on the hair dye container. Combine them with the applicator brush or bottle until you get a smooth mixture. 

Apply a dye

Apply the dye to the area of your scalp experiencing hair growth using the applicator brush or container. As you progress through each region, concentrate on the roots that require retouching. Be careful not to get dye on your hair that is already dyed.

Comb Through

Use a wide-tooth comb to comb through each portion after applying the color. Combining hair promotes equal dye distribution and guarantees complete coverage.

Place a Timer

Observe the processing time recommendation listed in the hair coloring instructions. This time frame enables the dye to form and cover the regrowth adequately.

Rinse and Condition:

When the timer goes off, properly rinse your hair, then use the recommended conditioner. Your hair will be vivid and smooth after this.

Design as desired

Rinse and condition your hair before styling it as usual. Now, you’ll see that your roots have been touched up flawlessly and that the color of your hair is constant from root to tip.

Professional Root Touch-up

Professional hairstylists are adept at applying and matching colors in the salon. They can produce exact results, particularly if you have intricate color requirements.

Cost Considerations:

Although professional touch-ups provide fantastic results, they might be more expensive than do-it-yourself techniques. Take into account your time and money restrictions.

Best Products for Home Root Touch Up

Temporary Root Concealers: These short treatments immediately conceal roots and come in sprays or powders. They are perfect for situations where a temporary fix is required.

Root Touch-Up Kits: 

These kits include all the supplies you need, including brushes and colors. They come in different colors and are made to make the procedure simpler.

Tips for Prolonging Time Between Touch-Ups

Use shampoos and conditioners that are color-safe.

A lot of sun exposure can diminish the color of your hair.

Reduce the amount of heat styling to avoid color loss.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Root Touch-Up


Before applying any hair color, be sure to test for allergies.

Remember to consider the product’s directions.

If you need complicated color repairs, see a professional.


Only leave the color on for as long as is advised.

Avoid coloring over previously colored hair to avoid color accumulation.

Take advantage of the strand test to get a sneak peek at the color outcome.

Guidelines for Effective Root Touch-Up:

Timing is Vital: To prevent overprocessing, keep the dye on briefly.

Start at the Roots: Start by coloring your roots, then, if necessary, work your way through your lengths.

Prevent Overlapping: Avoid applying the dye in layers over previously colored hair to prevent color accumulation and uneven results.

Select High-Quality Products: For superior color blending and long-lasting effects, spend your money on reputed hair dye products.

Think About Professional Assistance: Consult a professional hairdresser if you need significant color adjustments or are hesitant about DIY touch-ups.

Keep Your Hair Healthy: Use color-safe shampoos and conditioners to help keep your hair’s color vibrant between touch-ups.


 Why do I need a root touch-up?

You must perform root touch-ups to keep your hair color looking finished and consistent. As hair develops, the roots’ natural color begins to emerge, appearing uneven. Make sure your hair color is vivid and consistent from root to tip by touching the roots.

 Can I fix my roots at home?

Yes, root touch-ups may be performed at home using DIY kits that are sold on the market. The majority of the time, these kits include everything you need, including gloves, developer, color, and applicator tools. You may get results that seem professional if you properly follow the directions.

How frequently should I touch up my roots?

The pace of hair growth and the contrast between your natural color and the colored hair will determine how often you need to touch up your roots.

Can I touch up my roots with the same hair dye I previously used?

For a root touch-up, using the same hair dye you previously used in the same brand and shade is advised. The color will be evenly distributed throughout your hair as a result.


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