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Cerebrum is the new independent brand by fashion designer Jiayue Ge. Learn more about the brand and the designer here.

New York fashion designer Jiayue Ge launches her new menswear brand cerebrum

Whenever you talk about “Fashion Design,” which word will come to your mind first? You may think about beauty, luxury, or even celebrity. However, “Fashion Design” means a lot for a young talented fashion designer – Jiayue Ge. While planning to launch her fashion brand, Jiayue developed an in-depth exploration of Alzheimer’s and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in Neuroscience. She integrates her understanding of these topics into her crafting and officially launches her fashion brand this year.

Cerebrum Debut Collection

Cerebrum Debut Collection

Jiayue’s independent brand is named Cerebrum. She combines her awareness of neuroscience topics and design skills into the brand. “By creating these garments, I would like to express that everyone has their struggles in life, and people can’t help with avoiding struggles. We had no choice but to try to embrace and live through them. Decisions of life are not only us to make but only us who can alter.” Jiayue told us. 

After graduating from Pratt Institute’s fashion design program, Jiayue has gradually formed a distinctive design style while mastering systematic crafting knowledge. Although she knew that becoming an outstanding independent designer was her future goal from the first day she entered the school, learning diverse but demanding compulsory subjects is necessary. ‘It is hard for every designer to find their style at the beginning. The best way to find your way is to follow pioneers in the industry.’ She stated. Some of the compulsory subjects are not directly related to fashion design, but they have a long-term impact on her design foundation and philosophy. 

Cerebrum Jewelry Collection

Cerebrum Debut Collection

However, the idea of using different garments to express neuroscience topics clearly was not easy. At the beginning of the final project in school, Jiayue’s tutor couldn’t give her specific guidance because her idea was an invisible concept. But her tutor encouraged Jiayue to imagine the reality of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and ALS. “He suggested I use some human art experiments and feel how difficult the patients want to live in society. Therefore, I bound my hands and feet and tried my best to imagine patients’ complicated feelings. After multiple experiments and adjustments, I finally produced the work,” says Ge Jiayue. In the 2018 RunWay of Fashion Design of Pratt Institute, her design was nominated for one of the best works among graduates.

After her continuous exploration and thinking, Jiayue finally found the best statements for Cerebrum. The first statement is “Neurons lead actions.” Jiayue believed that various areas of neuroscience inspire all silhouettes to represent our brains uniquely. This statement aims to encourage more people to get to know the human brain and continue developing to gain a better understanding of ourselves. The second statement is, “Actions create memories.” In her opinion, every piece of her garments carries people’s everyday stories and lives along with life. She hopes her brand will bring customers to the deepest part of their being and embrace the clothing as a part of their life story.

“The final goal of creating CEREBRUM is to encourage people to study and get a better understanding of our brain from a fashion point of view. By working with neuroscience expertise to get inspired, CEREBRUM will spend the rest of its life representing neuroscience topics and bring to the public.” Jiayue stated.

You can learn more about Jiayue and Cerebrum by visiting

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