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Important Career Advice for Lash Artists

What Are Lash Artists?

Lash artists are beauty professionals or aestheticians trained in applying false eyelashes who specialize in the application process of individual lash extensions on natural lashes. Training of up to two years may be necessary in order to fully master this art form from Classic Lashes to Volume Lashes, and there have been cases in which artists have even started their own businesses and went on to become successful brands! London Lash provides the perfect Online Course for Russian Volume Lashes developed specifically to address the needs of training and beginner lash artists who wish to expand their skill set with Russian Techniques for Volume Lash sets.

Lash Artist Beginner’s Kit Requirements

  • Lash Extensions
  • Tweezers
  • Adhesive / Glue
  • Lash Shampoo / Foam Cleanser
  • Primer
  • Cleanser
  • Booster
  • Protein Removing Wipes
  • Lash Cream Remover

Things To Consider When You’re a Beginner

At London Lash you can find exceptional blog posts with educational guides on how to perform lash extensions procedures and learn mapping styles and techniques. You can read about different products in detail in the hopes of improving your skills and benefiting your clients.

Time Management

Be aware that you may be a slower lash technician to begin with. Placing individual extensions on natural lashes is time consuming but the final product is worth every second. Work with a glue that fits your skill level. At London Lash you will find a professional Glue Chart to explain exactly how to use glue and which suits your skill level.

There isn’t one single lash adhesive designed for eyelash extensions that fits all, there are various kinds of glue available with differing strengths, speeds etc. to suit individual preferences and circumstances make sure you are aware of each glue difference.

Lash Extension Based on the Client

Choosing the right lash extensions for you as a lash tech is important. Knowing the styles and volumes that are most regularly desired by your

customers would suggest you work with a certain type of lash extension, but having a wider range of options is always beneficial for your skills, styles and occasional change in customer needs.

Lash Extension Aftercare

Are You Offering Aftercare for Lash Extension Services? If Not, You May Get in Trouble We Aren’t Kidding… Oil based products are a big no when it comes to lash extensions. If you want long lasting retention, then a good aftercare routine should be suggested to your clients. Using London Lash Foam Cleanser daily, the clients can wash their lash extensions with the knowledge that their lashes will be healthy and clean for as long as the extensions last.

Career Advice for Lash Artists


One of the most efficient ways to enter the lash extension industry is working part-time. Even if you work elsewhere, working part-time allows enough time for experience accumulation when beginning as a lash artist. Working alongside experienced lash artists provides additional help and solutions to avoid making mistakes when starting out with beauty or cosmetology services!


Known as contractual lash artists you could also be employed by various salons or artists to gain experience and expertise in lash extensions.


You may also come across salons which no longer provide eyelash extensions, so display your work and request they add it to their services. From there on out you could set an agreed minimum fee per lashing session in that particular salon.

Full Time

Switch to full-time lash artist under another owner’s salon. Since there will be no mortgage payment involved, becoming a full-time lash artist under someone else will allow you to expand without compromising your work hours or income. Renting may be agreed with the salon on a personal compensation basis.

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