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Do you like wearing hats but struggle to find ones in your size? Discover the different hat types for men with big heads and find the one for you.

Hat Types for Different Face Cuts for Men with a Big Head

Finding a perfect hat for yourself can be tricky. These fashionable accessories look different because of varying factors. For instance, you can think of the material type and a small rim on the inside of the hat. 

But then sometimes all you need to know is what type of face shape you have – round, rectangular or triangular, for example, which makes things more manageable. You may wonder that your big head is already a problem, and face shape now can be an additional factor. If you are thinking like this, take a break and revisit this point from a different perspective. 

A big head is not a challenge, as many prominent hat makers offer incredible varieties. If you want to sort out your option in a short time, recognizing these factors can only help. Since you already know what will suit your face and overall personality, you can directly browse the wide range of big hats and pick one in no time. Let’s check out what hat you need for your face shape and size.

hat types big head

Square faces

When it comes to this shape, you should know that the last thing you want to do is add more angles and corners by wearing items such as fedoras, for example. Such a hat, in your case, would emphasize the starkness of your facial features.

Asymmetrical face structure with “sharp” features needs some softening to balance the angular look. A wide-brimmed round hat is perfect for this occasion. It should help draw attention away from your edges. Do not wear narrow brim hats, hats with no brim, or square hats, as they will only serve to make your face look even more sharply cut and angular than it already is. 

You would not like this effect. That’s why it is better to try mid-length or longline hats like a cowboy hat, sunhat, etc. These hats should add some cushioning and fluffiness to your overall design – which you can truly confide in and enjoy.

hat types big head

Oval faces

If you have an oval face, you are extremely fortunate because you can pretty much rock any hat. Take advantage of your blessed look by playing with something as tricky as a bucket hat. At the same time, you can avoid choices like cowboy hats that tend to give your face a long look. 

You don’t want to highlight your face length anymore as it is naturally there. But choices like them can hamper this. So, look around for suggestions on different hats look for men with large heads and distinct facial cuts to understand what might work well in your case. After all, your fashion statement will be at stake. 

You don’t want to compromise this for anything. And once you know what suits you, you can instinctively make your choices without even needing any additional help. Just imagine the benefit of this situation. Even when busy, you can always use a few seconds to spare on your hat shopping. Since that is a staple accessory, you shouldn’t mind doing this. 

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