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From a heart-shaped diamond to a radiant cut, get the perfect ring for your finger and your budget when you shop at Friendly Diamonds!

Find The Perfect Diamond in Your Budget at Friendly Diamonds

A diamond, it is said, is everything and more.

It is an ensemble piece of the modern woman, think diamond pendants, earrings, and necklaces. It has marked countless marriage proposals; think diamond engagement rings. And has been adorned by film stars gracing the big screen; remember when Daisy Buchanan flaunted her cushion cut halo engagement ring in The Great Gatsby?

Such is the beauty of this wondrous gemstone. For it is a symbol of strength, love, and everlasting perfection!

But modern times call for a new initiative. The initiative to be conscious of our environment and choose a sustainable route where a lab grown diamond is key.

Lab grown diamonds are created in labs that emulate the diamond-creating conditions of the earth. The diamonds are eco-friendly gems with the same physical and chemical properties as natural stones, giving them the same brilliance and shine as mined stones.

budget friendly diamonds

These environmentally conscious gems come in various shapes, and today we shall talk about each of these shapes and what they represent and where you can find the best budget friendly deals when looking for your favorite diamond!

budget friendly diamonds

Heart Shaped Diamond

There is no gem like a heart shaped diamond crafted symbolically to represent the heart, an emblem of romance. The heart shaped stone has a unique cut with perfect symmetry and balance. The cut is so hard to master that only the most experienced gemstone cutters take up the challenge. Heart shaped gems are perfect on engagement rings and pendants as they give the wearer a timeless feel related to matters of love, especially when the gemstone is gifted.

budget friendly diamonds

Marquise Cut Diamond

Celebrities have adorned the elegant marquise cut diamond for a while now, and for good reasons. First crafted under the decree of the 18th century King Louis XV, the cut was inspired by the king’s mistress’ lips. Today, these gemstone cuts symbolize creativity and glamor and are the perfect match for modern fashionistas looking to up their style game.

budget friendly diamonds

Radiant Cut Diamond

The sparkling radiant cut diamond is an amalgamation of the emerald cut and round cut—the blend results in a diamond with more depth that catches the eye. The cut also gives the precious stone a brighter sparkle and enhanced brilliance. With a gemstone that embraces the purity of an emerald cut and the radiance of a round cut, you’re sure to have a diamond you’ll absolutely love!

budget friendly diamonds

Round Cut Diamond

Round cuts, also known as brilliant round cut diamonds, are the ultimate representation of love. It is a classically styled gem that offers exceptional brilliance thanks to the fifty-eight facets crafted on the stone. If you’re somebody who loves the classics and is a traditionalist, then the round cut is perfect for you.

budget friendly diamonds

Shop your perfect diamond at Friendly Diamonds, an online portal that allows you to shop diamonds and other fine jewelry including engagement rings, pendants, eternity rings, bracelets and stud earrings. You also get the opportunity to create your ring exactly the way you desire for a budget friendly price.

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