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Layer it Up: Fashionable Outerwear Styles for Men

Finding a fashionable look and wearing it right is trickier than it seems – especially since fashion seems to evolve faster than you can keep pace with it! But there are lots of stylish outerwear aesthetics for men, especially if you’re willing to spend a bit of cash at top brands like Into the AM.

Not sure where to start? Today, let’s break down six fashionable outerwear styles for men.

Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are popular outerwear styles for both men and women alike. This classic style was originally popularized by the movie Top Gun, and it’s become a staple of apparel outlets around the country in the years since.

Wear a bomber jacket with jeans, your best aviators, and preferably a plain color T-shirt underneath, and you’ll appear stylish and simply manly at the same time. It’s a perfect outerwear choice for guys who have old-school sensibilities or who want to evoke a classic masculine look.

fashionable outwear for men

T-Shirt and Sunglasses

Who can knock arguably the simplest outerwear style for men: a plain T-shirt and sunglasses? You can spice things up a little bit by swapping out your plain T-shirt with a graphic tee shirt instead. However, this outerwear style should always be defined by its minimalism.

If you choose to wear accessories with a T-shirt and sunglasses, keep it to a watch or maybe a bracelet or necklace. If you wear a lot of accessories with a T-shirt and sunglasses, you’ll just undercut the simplicity of your ensemble.

Graphic Hoodies

Then there are graphic hoodies: very modern and appealing outerwear options for men of all ages. Graphic hoodies are often loved because they are comfortable and can be worn in practically any weather, including the heat of the summer (though not for too long, of course).

Graphic hoodies are flexible, are available in different materials, and can demonstrate your love for certain media franchises with their graphics on the chest or back. Plus, you can get a graphic hoodie in practically any size or color you can imagine, so it’s easy to find this outerwear clothing article in a size and shape that works for you.

Brands like Into the AM offers tons of quality graphic hoodies for men. Available in a variety of colors, sizes, and dozens of dazzling graphics to choose from, odds are you’ll find the perfect graphic hoodies for your personal aesthetic and preferences in no time once you check out their online store.

fashionable outwear for men

Sports Jackets

Sports jackets are sometimes associated with high school jocks, but they can also look great if you are currently in college. Sports jackets are supposed to be worn largely by themselves, although, of course, you can also complement them with a good watch.

Regardless, this outerwear style is ideal for attending ball games or just showcasing your school pride. However, keep in mind that, as you get older, you’ll definitely “age out” of most sports jackets.

The exception? Blank, unaffiliated sports jackets in plain and masculine colors like gray and navy.

Suit Coats

You can also choose your fashionable outerwear to strategically boost your style game. Wear a suit coat with tailored pants or even really nice jeans, and you’ll evoke a semiformal style that’s perfect for nicer dates, visiting parents, and even hosting a business meeting at a Millennial-run company.

Naturally, suit coats can and should be worn with their matching trousers and a button-down undershirt, of course. It’s a good idea for guys of all ages to have at least a few suit coats for different occasions and color combinations.

The suit coat outerwear style will mark you as a more mature man or qualify you for business events. This look can also be great for after-work cocktail parties or social get-togethers with your boss and peers.

fashionable outwear for men

Tank Top + Accessories

Gym rats, sports fans, or guys who want to evoke a casual style more than anything else might find a tank top and a few accessories to be the perfect outerwear style for their needs. You can get tank tops in different colors, though plain colors are usually ideal.

Add a bracelet or two, a watch, and a necklace or charm, and you’ll look wonderfully laid-back and casual: perfect for going to the movies with friends, playing some basketball outdoors, or heading to the gym for a nice workout. Pair your tank top with good shorts gym shorts depending on your chosen activity.


All in all, what you wear helps to define how people think of you, how they approach you, and how comfortable you’ll be in different social settings. Consider each of these outerwear styles in turn, then pick a few new articles and accessories to complete your look. The right style can make any upcoming social event much more fun and engaging!

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