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Famous Dresses featured in Films made in Kansas City

Kansas City is home to some of the most iconic films in history, and with them come some of the most memorable costumes. Here are some famous dresses featured in movies made in Kansas City:

  1. The Wizard of Oz – Dorothy’s blue check gingham dress has become synonymous with Kansas City. This classic costume from the MGM musical was designed by Adrian and constructed at the studio’s wardrobe department.
  2. It Happened One Night – Claudette Colbert’s white polka-dotted shirtwaist dress, worn while hitchhiking across America (and famously taking off her socks) is another costume that has become synonymous with Kansas City-made films.
  3. Singin’ In The Rain – Cyd Charisse’s black-and-white gown, worn during the iconic musical number “Broadway Melody” is a Kansas City classic. The dress was designed by legendary costume designer Walter Plunkett and sewn at MGM Studios in Culver City.
  4. My Fair Lady – Audrey Hepburn’s transformation from Eliza Doolittle to a sophisticated lady in Ascot Gavotte was made possible by her stunning blue gown, designed by Cecil Beaton and constructed on the MGM backlot.
  5. Gone with the Wind – Vivien Leigh’s iconic green velvet curtain dress has become an enduring symbol of Kansas City films. This opulent garment was designed by Walter Plunkett and constructed on the MGM backlot.
  6. The Quiet Man – Maureen O’Hara’s eye-catching emerald green dress was designed by Orry-Kelly and constructed on the backlot of the 20th Century Fox studios in Kansas City. This classic costume has become an enduring symbol of the film and its legacy.

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