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Elevator Shoes: Everything You Need to Know

In 2021 there are vast options in clothing and fashion to help accentuate your best features or even tone down or hide features you’re less comfortable with. It’s assumed that these new and trending fashion items are strictly created for women, and in most cases, this might be true.

However, there’s a new trend for men that will change the game. Elevator shoes are the next new fashion trend for men to help them appear taller, but the benefits don’t end there. We’ll look at the mechanics of the elevator shoe, what they are, how they work, and why they might be the perfect shoe for you.

What are elevator shoes?

Elevator shoes are shoes that can make men appear taller. Previously these shoes were known as lifts, and men were often scrutinized for wearing them. Elevator shoes are a complete reinvention of what was previously known as lifts. Now, these shoes are made to be discrete and fashionable with tons of different styles, so you never have to compromise style when adding a few inches to your height.

According to James Glines, CEO and Founder of FootGearz, “The main benefit and attraction of these shoes are that they are different from a regular heeled or platform shoe. Elevator shoes use a specially designed insole that discreetly allows men to appear 2-5 inches taller.” However, beyond adding height, elevator shoes can actually correct leg asymmetry by wearing two different sizes to create balance.

How do elevator shoes work?

The shoes are composed of three layers:

  • The Upper Layer
  • The Height Increasing Layer
  • The Outsole

The secret is in the middle. These shoes contain a height-increasing layer, which is also the insole of the shoe. This insole is inches thick and designed to add height to the person wearing the shoes. These soles are specially designed with material that will not wear or deflate over time while also being comfortable and supportive. The sole sits at a 15-degree angle, which experts on the topic have deemed the most impactful in height and allows for good posture and arch support.

What are the benefits of elevator shoes?

Are you not convinced yet? As mentioned, there are different functions and benefits of these expertly designed shoes. Let’s dive into some of the key benefits of why you should get your hands on a pair of guidomaggi elevator shoes right now.

Instantly Increase Height

Instantly increase your height; this is an obvious one, but for some, the most crucial benefit. Men are often scrutinized for their height, which can be detrimental to their self-image. Guidomaggi elevator shoes can help men look 2-5 inches taller in an entirely subtle and natural-looking way. This can be a significant confidence booster for men and an excellent option for interviews, work, or dates.

Correcting Leg Asymmetry

Leg asymmetry is actually more common than you may think. Experts say that the limbs on one side of our body are ever so slightly longer than the other, which is valid for everyone. However, some people struggle with a more significant asymmetry that could cause them health problems like back pain, hip and knee problems, and poor posture if untreated.

In more severe cases, this could lead to scoliosis or clubfoot. Luckily you can have elevator shoes made to correct this problem. By wearing an elevator shoe that is lifted enough to correct the difference between the two legs, a person is able to align their spine, fix their posture, and avoid more serious medical outcomes from leg asymmetry.

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  • Thanks for sharing information about elevator shoes! I like how it is gaining its popularity because of the benefits it gives to men. A natural way for men to increase their height invisibly.

    November 24, 2021

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