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7 Important Rules To Wear A High Slit Dress For 2024

It’s time to go bold and show off your smooth legs!

Yes, you heard me right!

It’s an era of high-slit dresses beyond red carpets and other glamorous events. Dresses with a high-leg slit are undoubtedly the sexiest outfit a woman can own in her wardrobe. 

Be it for a date night, a summer wedding, or a night out with friends, this outfit can match the event’s vibe as you style it. 

Come across as feminine and flirtatious as you please with the must-have high-slit gown in your wardrobe. 

Before you go on and buy one for yourself, there is a lot you need to know about such outfits. 

So why wait?

Types Of Slit Gown Styles

  • Side Slit

It features a single opening on one side of the dress, typically starting from the hemline and extending toward the hip or thigh area. This style can vary in length and depth, offering a subtle peek of skin and adding a touch of elegance to the outfit.

  • Thigh Slit 

Such high slit dresses have a more daring design with a high opening extending to the thigh or even higher. It is often chosen for its bold and glamorous appearance, perfect for making a statement at formal events or evening occasions.

  • Leg Slit 

Leg slit dresses feature a slit that runs along the length of the leg, from the hemline upwards. Unlike side slits or thigh slits, leg slits offer a more elongated and streamlined look, adding a sensual yet sophisticated touch to the dress. This versatile style can be adjusted as per personal preference.

Tips To Select The Right High Slit Gown For Your Body Type 

While you are deciding on what kind of slit dress you must own as per your body type, it is essential to consider – proportion, balance, and whether it highlights your best features or not. 

Here are quick guidelines for you to make the right decision:

Hourglass Body Type:

  • Go for a dress that accentuates your waist. 
  • The dress style must be something that hugs you from the right places. 
  • The slit of dress that you choose must start slightly above the knee or from mid-thigh to showcase your legs proportionately. 

Apple Body Type:

  • Opt for a slit dress that emphasizes your legs and high your torso.
  • An empire waistline or body wrap style that defines your waist can be an excellent option for the high-slit gown. 
  • To maintain a balanced silhouette, go for a dress with a moderate slit that falls below the knee. 

Petite Body Type:

  • A slit dress with a short length would be perfect 
  • To add an illusion of longer legs, go for a dress with a higher slit.
  • Find styles with vertical details or asymmetrical cuts in printed dresses to add height and visual interest.

Pear Body Type:

  • Choose a slit dress that brings attention to your upper body. 
  • A high-slit gown with a V-neckline or embellishment around the bust area would be perfect. 
  • Check for a dress with a high side slit to create an illusion of longer legs while maintaining balance. 

Rectangular Body Type:

  • Find a slit dress that adds curves and dimensions to your body. 
  • You may even choose a dress with ruching or gathering to the waistline to add the illusion of curves. 
  • Wearing a high-slit dress elongates your legs and adds visual appeal to your silhouette. 

How To Wear A Slit Dress: Essential Rules To Follow

Choose Your Comfort Over Everything 

  • To pull off a high-slit dress, you must first be sure of your comfort. 
  • If you are going for a slit outfit for the first time, you can opt for a mid-calf slit or a low slit instead of a thigh-high slit. 
  • Both side and front slit are excellent for sizzling up your appearance. 

Wear It According To The Occasion 

  • It is without any doubt true that not every occasion calls for a slit dress. 
  • Even a dress with a minimal slit must be worn for apt occasions where your outfit would be appreciated. These events would include social events, semi-formal gatherings, cocktail parties, or glamorous parties. 

Pair It Up With Right Footwear 

  • Only the right pair of footwear can make or break the appeal of your ensemble. 
  • High heels are always the best kinds of footwear to choose from, be it stilettos or wedges (as per your preference). 
  • Even knee-length boots appear sassy with high-slit dresses or skirts. 

Appropriate Jewelry Is A Must 

  • Although your slit dresses are already glamorous, but having the right accessories with it can make a whole lot of difference. 
  • Match your necklace with the gown’s neckline to add a charming appeal. 
  • A thigh chain would also be a great addition to your ensemble. 

Don’t Forget About The Accessories

  • Besides jewelry, you must carefully choose the kind of handbag you want to carry with it. 
  • It must complete your outfit and shouldn’t be large or too big. 
  • A tiny little clutch or handbag is all you need to complete your look. 

Fit Has To Be Perfect 

  • A rule of thumb for wearing any outfit is that the fit has to be perfect, which is no exception for high-slit ones. 
  • The dress should hug your body in the right places so that there are no creases as you move. 
  • There must not be any extra gaps in your outfit, which could cause your dress to lift or shift from its position. 

Tape The Outfit From The Correct Places

  •  Locate the points on your dress where taping is needed, typically around an inch or more from the hems.
  • Taping these areas ensures your slit dress stays in place and moves gracefully with your body.
  • Edge taping of the dress allows it to sit nicely on your body, giving it a slightly altered yet stylish appearance.

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