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5 Must-Have Suits For Men In 2023

Men’s clothing options may be limited compared to women’s, but they shouldn’t be restricted. Men’s fashion is evolving more than it has ever been. Mostly, formal wear. Suits fall under formals that you can wear daily to your office and set your boss’s frown upside down. However, if you’re an executive, dressing sharply may be the secret ingredient to winning clients if you run a firm. 

It can be tiring keeping yourself updated through all the trends. So, use this guide to get insight into the latest trends and fashion hassle-free. We are here with 5 Suits that you must have in your wardrobe to rock every function.

Single Breasted Suit-The Fashion Statement

Single-breasted suits have a coat or jacket layered with columns of buttons, with a piece of fabric overlapping them, giving it a sleek look. They are easy-going, comfortable and well-defined pieces of clothing. 

There is no doubt in commenting that single-breasted suits are modern, most preferred and a style statement. You walk into the room with a single-breasted suit and are sure to make the heads turn. 

Buying a single-breasted suit from the most preferred and best brand is suggested. You can search “best tailor near me” or put your location like “best tailor in Koh Samui” and get a single-breasted suit that suits you the best. 

Remember, buying from a brand that fits all your needs is something you should look for! Go for a custom tailor like Koh Samui Custom Tailor to get your hands on the best-piece suit tailored to your needs. 

Double Breasted Suit- Amalgamation Of Elegance

Double Breasted Suits are slightly different from Single Breasted Suits. Wondering how? Well, they just have an extra column of buttons layered down that are placed side by side. It is important to note that one column is functional, just like a single-breasted suit, whereas the other is placed there to elevate the beauty of the suit.

Double Breasted Suit is a clothing item you must’ve seen in TV shows or series that show vintage storylines or an episode from the past 100 years. They were the epitome of fashion for men in the 19th century and, till today, never fail to impress people with just one look. Men back then did wear it daily and still didn’t get bored because double-breasted suits did kick it up the notch. 

Blazer For The Win:

Blazers are for the occasion that you don’t want to look too much dressed for yet look at your absolute best. Why overthink so much when easy-going Blazers are handy? Just put on a blazer and rock the show. 

They come under formals but don’t play a part in the suit. Blazer allows you to style it freely. Wear it above a slim-fit t-shirt or a formal shirt; it goes best with all! Suits usually come with a trouser, unlike blazers that stand alone. 

You can wear it for your presentations, at the office or while attending a wedding, and this blendable suit type is fit for all occasions. 

Tuxedo Suits For Your Dapper Look:

I know what comes to your mind after hearing a tuxedo suit for men’s in Koh Samui – the same black and white image with a bow. However, that is the depiction of a tux suit, but it’s just not it! Tux comes in various colours and diverse styles. However, you may wonder if the suit and tux look the same; time for some finer details.

Tuxedos are exquisitely curated with silk satin on the lapels, which is a distinct feature compared to suits. Tuxedos are worn for that “special look” it indicates celebrations. So if you are too bored of wearing your regular suit and wish to celebrate something special like an engagement party of a close friend or your wedding, a tux should be your best-loved choice. 

Vest: To Look Stylishly Different! 

The word gives the vibe! Vests are stylish men’s sleeveless formal wear and all buttoned up. You can style a vest with a classic plain shirt with a good colour scheme, such as wearing a traditional white shirt underneath a dark blue vest. However, they can also be styled with a suit. 

Nothing is more relaxed than a man with a vest and a suit because it is astonishingly perfect! Often people mistake a vest for a waistcoat. Only it’s not. Vests are a classic way to move with poise and look like the fine gentleman you are. They add to your outfit outlook and add more dimension to your formal.


Styling may not be a cup of tea for everyone, but it surely can be yours after reading this blog. After knowing the 5 Must-Have Suits, you know how to elevate your dull formal look. Wearing the perfect outfit for the occasion is necessary as you want to look like a fine king every time you dress up. Knowing what suits you best also adds to the previously shared knowledge, making your final outlook look jaw-droppingly gorgeous. If you want to design a suit per your taste and comfort, customisation is an option you would like to consider. 

Free tip: Koh Samui Custom Tailor is undoubtedly the best tailor. So customise your outfit and follow the above information to slay the look. 

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