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Dogs can be movie stars too. Here are some tips on how to train dogs to appear in Hollywood movies.

How to train your dog to act for movies

So many people think their dog is the best in the world, and some want to prove it by having their dog in movies. It can be a very hard thing though to get a dog in a movie as there is a lot to it.

One of the most important things is to have the dog properly trained, and SpiritDog Training is one of the best options that can be used. Now, there are several different methods that people say can be used for getting a dog ready for training.

Beginning the Journey

No dog in the world is born to be the perfect dog for being in movies. A dog must have the best personality to be an acting dog, which means being obedient and good at learning commands.

The dog has to be extremely obedient and know a lot of different commands. Dogs can help you exercise, but they must also be able to learn new commands in short time frames. The best way to get this kind of dedication and loyalty in a dog is to start its training at a very young age and never stop even for dogs not in movies.


There is no right method to use when it comes to training a dog to be in movies. It depends on what works best for the dog and the trainer, but it can also depend on the movies. With so many methods, a person should always complete thorough research into training methods. They should have an understanding of the dog’s base personality, such as being playful or calm.

Below are two highly recommended methods that have worked for other dogs.

Training School

Step One: Right School

No matter where a person lives, there is a wide range of different schools they can use for training their dog. Every school is going to promise to turn a person’s dog into a perfectly behaved one, but this is not always true. Some places use methods that are wrong and not safe for a dog. That is why one must do some research into the different schools to get a clear understanding of how they work.

Step Two: Readying to Enroll

The different schools are going to have different requirements when it comes to enrolling a dog in their school. The most common requirement though is that the dog must be spayed or neutered and completely up to date on their shots. Some of the other requirements might have to do with the age of the dog as a dog should be eight weeks of age or older before being enrolled. This is another reason why the research is so important when picking a school.

Step Three: Starting

For a dog to properly learn, they must attend every class, and different schools have different time frames for their classes. It may take just a couple of weeks, but it could also be a month or longer course. The dog owner must make sure they have the time to take their dog to every class so the training is successful.

Step Four: Owner Training

Pet schools do not only train the pet. When a dog is attending a school to learn, their owners are there with them and learning alongside them. This is important because the owner must also know the commands to help keep the dog in practice but also to live happily with their dog.

Step Five: Certification

Some schools have the chance for dogs to earn certification along with their training, but these should never be the only ones the dog earns. These will not mean as much when it comes to getting hired for movies though they will look nice on the dog’s resume.

Step Six: Acting and Tricks

The normal training facility is not going to have classes that will teach everything one must know for a dog to be ready to act in movies. That means the owner will have to look for additional classes at a specialized facility. These facilities will teach the types of commands that dogs tend to have to perform when they are acting in movies.

There is significantly more demand for dogs that can do tricks besides only acting. It is also way easier to teach to a dog how to act, so it makes sense to teach your dog some tricks first.

Step Seven: Auditioning

This is the final step, and it is the step that might take the longest. It is unlikely that a dog will get the very first job they audition for, but it can be possible if the right steps are followed. For example, the dog should have a social media profile and attract a lot of fans. The more followers they have, the more likely they are to get hired.


Step One: Appearance

A dog should always be groomed and looking their best as a person never knows when they might get noticed. This means their social media profile should never have a photo that shows the dog looking less than their best as agencies will look at the photos and videos posted.

Step Two: Basics

An agency will do a lot of the hard work once they have signed a dog, but that does not mean the owner has no responsibilities. All of the most basic commands have to be taught by the owner.

Step Three: Agency

Training schools are easier to find than agencies, but it is not impossible. A person just has to complete the proper amount of research to find the right agency.

Step Four: Quality Time

A dog owner should always make sure they make time to spend with their dog. Agencies tend to keep the dog busy with training and work, so quality time is important for the dog to unwind.

Final Thoughts

Now that there is an understanding of what it takes, a person can work on getting their dog shown on the big screen. It will take some time, but as long as they are persistent and train the dog properly, it will happen.

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