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Take notes as you learn more about what specialist Chava Mercado has to say about how he's conquered the world of digital marketing!

The Rags to Riches Story of Top Digital Marketing Specialist, Chava Mercado

Building a business, and a successful one from the ground up is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work, resilience, and patience, considering the many hurdles. The journey is even more daunting when you have absolutely nothing to call your own. But that does not mean it’s impossible to reach the top, just like renowned digital marketing expert Chava Mercado.

Chava Mercado changed his story from a struggling businessman to a successful entrepreneur who owns a seven-figure brand. Chava is the Founder and CEO of InMotion Media Group, a mobile billboard and advertising company helping organizations with their marketing.

Through InMotion, Chava is redefining marketing and introducing a new strategy to help business owners get their message across more effectively and potentially increase their sales. How did he achieve this and grow his agency to one of the leading in the industry? Here is his story.

Chava was not born into money and had to work his way to the top. However, his journey faced many challenges. He failed multiple times, and according to the now successful entrepreneur, when he started InMotion Media Group, he was struggling financially, and at some point, had only $7.

As the company is a mobile advertising agency, Chava had to buy several trucks to get the message across and reach a wider audience. He ended up using almost all his savings to open InMotion, purchase the trucks, and keep them moving. This proved to be more difficult than he anticipated, especially during the first six months.

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Chava explains that he wasn’t left with much between marketing his business to different companies and the operational expenses of the company, and he had to dig deeper into his savings. While it was a relatively huge risk, this was the only way Chava could keep his business running until he reached a point where he drained all his bank accounts.

Chava had only about $7 and was torn between selling a portion of his company or going bankrupt. He asked his friends and family for a loan, but no one was able or willing to help. Chava chose to fight for his dream with everything he had left, but he couldn’t hold out for long and decided to sell half the company.

One day before selling part of his company to a Newport group of investors, Chava Mercado received his first paycheck, which he used to redeem InMotion Media Group. Looking back, he says that he is proud that he held out that long and did not sell half of his business.

His advice to other entrepreneurs is to not give up and to fight for their ideas keeping in mind that no situation is permanent. While there are certain things you have no control over, you have the power to decide how they impact you, says Chava. He adds that failure is only fatal if you choose not to get back up.

From $7 to seven figures, Chava has rewritten his story and built a successful empire from the ground up. His rags to riches story reminds us that we can achieve our goals with determination, hard work, and perseverance. Chava Mercado describes with one word the most important trait of an entrepreneur: resilience.

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