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Sobia A. Shaikh is a massively influential figure in the world of fashion. Find out how she grew her career and became a worldwide sensation.

How International Influencer Sobia A. Shaikh Cemented Her Role In The Fashion And Design Industry

The fashion and design industry is so competitive and finding a place within it is very difficult. And lasting for years is even more challenging. This is why for Sobia A. Shaikh to remain in the industry since she was 16 until now is almost unimaginable. For this to happen, she had to create her mark as a fashion icon and work hard so that she could be successful and remain that way.

Sobia is a Pakistani model, entrepreneur, influencer, and blogger renowned on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for her sense of style. She first built her knowledge on fashion when she was hired as a model in Pakistan when she was 16. Her career as a young teenager allowed her to meet numerous renowned designers and see the behind-the-scenes of fashion firsthand.

She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising Degree and stayed in advertising for a number of years, but her heart still remained with fashion. This is why she also worked as a model and tried her best to balance both jobs. It goes without saying that for Sobia, it was challenging, but she’s only happy when she’s doing what she loves despite the hardships.

Although she left Pakistan to move to San Francisco, she never forgot her origins and used it as an inspiration for her career. Back in Pakistan, she enjoyed looking at the vibrant fabrics on display in the streets of her hometown, and she wanted to share this enjoyment with others in other parts of the world.

This is where she got the idea to start her brand called ISLY Handbags. She used different colored hand-woven fabrics from Pakistan not only to increase her business but to also help others from her native country. The company was very successful and was featured in InStyle, PopSugar, and The New York Times, among other major publications.

However, the business had been taking a toll on her physical and mental health, so Sobia made the heavy decision to discontinue the brand and take a short rest. During this period, she spent more time with her family and started cooking again. Around the end of her break, she started the Shaikhen and Stirred blog, which is now renowned on many social media networks,and Facebook as one of them.

Sobia’s primary reason for starting Shaikhen and Stirred was to only talk about lifestyle, travel, beauty, and other aspects of her life. She didn’t expect that the blog would also solidify her role in the fashion and design industry.

Numerous brands reached out to her for collaborations, which she gladly accepted. Her name was renowned in the industry for her modeling career and for starting ISLY Handbags. Currently, she’s one of the most experienced figures in fashion, and many admire and respect her for her fashion sense and for her honesty. Sobia wants to use her story to send a message to people to always be confident and aim for the top.

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